There’s been good shit too…

The last few weeks have been painful, stressful, busy and honestly kind of a messy blur of awful. A lot of my symptoms that have been on and off over the last few years/months have kind of all turned on and intensified at once and our lives and schedules have revolved around treating it like a CODE RED. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly over the last while of it, I’m sure you’ve gotten the picture. Lots of bad shit, lots of questions, lots of trouble and the good time seem few and far between.

In all actuality though, that really isn’t the case. There is a lot of good shit going on too. So much in fact, it’s hard to keep track, especially in my condition at the moment. I spent the morning groggily going through some pictures the Mr and I took over the last month and had the joy of re-living my own memories almost like the first time. It’s kind of sad that my brain is that shoddy…. but we’re not here to dwell on the negative at the moment. We’re here to talk about how even when life is falling apart and seems to revolve around being stuck on deaths doorstep, good things happen, happy memories are made and most importantly our little family still love and laugh through it all.


My birthday weekend was super hectic… but my favorite parts were relaxing and I got lots of love!



I always feel better after spending time with my Omi, especially after we celebrate! Well, that is as long as we don’t take pictures of her bad side….she’s picky like that.


I don’t often get all dolled up anymore, but once in a while it sure feels nice to put in the effort and boy did Mr. Mango like that the ‘girls’ came out to play. Looking good does help feel a little better.


My mother in law offered to babysit for a random weekend and we took her up on it. The first time in a long time we’ve been childless for no real reason. I felt like shit but we were bound and determined to take advantage of it. I had no idea what was planned but Mr. Mango had a few easy going surprises up his sleeve.


My hair went flat (man I hate that) but Mr. Mango still surprised me with a visit to where we had our first date, a dingy country bar where we listened to a jukebox and played pool. Something we both still really suck at. I could only manage a couple shots before my hands completely gave up, but it was still worth it and definitely a lot of laughs.


At this point almost 8 hours child free we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves… so we went to the play ground to act like kids ourselves.


The kids came home and it was off to school for Buddy and Princess! So far they love it!


As for Little Dude….lets just say he’s adjusting to life in Hell with me…


JUST KIDDING! He’s having a blast taking care of me. Though man does he hate it when we don’t get out for a walk.


It was Le Burger week in Winnipeg and since we couldn’t make it in we decided to have our own Le Burger day here in the Mango household. My Maroonmango patty recipe along with an apple brandy barbeque sauce… yea…. eat your heart out Winnipeg….

And that’s just a handful of random awesomeness. Really my life is still full of great stuff going on too, along with all the crapola that takes priority a lot of the time. I’d say I’m going to change my tune and spin a more positive vibe along with the blog reno’s but that’s probably just not true, at least not while things are so difficult. I need the outlet, I need somewhere to vent and bash. Still sometimes I need somewhere to just be happy that there’s still some good shit too.


4 thoughts on “There’s been good shit too…

  1. I love the hot tub picture with your son.

    Your hair is amazing, and I love how you styled it. I agree with the look good feel good sentiment. I see short hair styled like yours and think maybe I would like it if I cut mine, but I’m a chicken and I’m not sure how to get it all flippy curls how you did, but not too spiral curly….. (Does that make sense?)

    I like reading your rants as much as I liked reading this – both make me feel less alone. 😊 It’s crazy how life can be extremely wonderful and extremely painful all at once.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’ve just had to learn how to take (and appreciate) the good with the bad, eh?

      My hair normally is a weird mess between beach waves and straight frizz and the messy bun or french braid is the go to. For anyone wanting an easy loose curl at almost any length I would recommend hot curlers. It’s not completely hassle free, but a lot easier than working with a curling iron or pin curls and it requires very little skill.

      Taking the plunge with a new do or style is sometimes hard, but can be way worth it. Especially life is full or hard times. Anything we can do to give us a little boost of confidence and spice that has nothing to do with our health or medical crap!


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