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Don’t step on the crack!

Due to the past few days my body deciding to completely gang up on me the kids have been going stir crazy being stuck in on property. Even when my body isn’t handling life well, a short walk usually does me some good. Whether because moving helps my joints not stiffen up and my digestive tract kick into gear (in theory….) or because getting out into the outdoor air and sweet sunshine (sun-screened as always) is great for the mind and soul. Sometimes it’s just not possible though.

Today I finally felt like I could handle 20 minutes upright and pushing the stroller, which usually are the deal breakers. If I can’t walk straight without my gut cinching in pain or if my wrists and elbows are too sore to put pressure on, its a no go… literally. Needless to say, after a few days of being stuck at home everyone was super excited.

As we approached one of the few sidewalks in town Princess started to slowly sing a familiar childhood rhyme. Sure enough after a few seconds all 3 small ones were chiming along together. Until all of a sudden that little girl stops in her tracks.

“Did WE break  your back Mommy? Is that why you hurt so much?”

The care and concern in her eyes was astounding. I swear I almost peed laughing. Her sincerity when it comes to peoples well being is something you don’t see in many people, especially kids her age. I’m glad she believed me when I assured her that no, her and her brothers accidentally stepping on a crack DIDN’T actually do anything to Mommy’s back. I couldn’t handle any of them thinking they actually caused anything that I’m stuck going through (well apart from the regular parenting woes us reproducers all go through).

Kids say the darnedest things! Thank goodness for that because I can sure use a good laugh these days. That walk certainly did do us all good.



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