Weekend… IN FLAMES


Or so it feels like.

I do mean both physically and just…. everything. I’ve posted before about what I think of weekends, but this one is the first in a while that I’ve truly had trouble with.

Not because my lupus or IBS or whatever the fuck else decides to be worse Fri-Sun, but because the whole ‘family time’ for around 70 hours straight somehow becomes a shit storm of stress, pain and misery (and not just because Mr. Mango is in a God of War binge and it sounds like constant death and destruction in our living room).

Really though, it feels like Kratos is hacking away at my upper body. I had almost felt blessed that the vasculitis had left my extremities alone for over a month or so, even with everything else going on. I guess it was short lived because it is back with a vengeance and it’s like I’m being frost burned from the inside out all down my right side.

So much for being hopeful that the higher doses of Planquenil were doing their job… its time to look for alternative options. Steroids or  already were in the cards for my next visit and now with Crohn’s being the likely cause for my intestinal woes, it makes all the more sense. Two birds one stone, right?

On top of feeling like I’m burning physically and emotionally, I managed to kind of torch supper.


Pepper flake and ginger chicken breast, rosemary and white wine dressed potatoes, garlic infused brussels sprouts (OMG it’s been months since me and my favorite veggie spent time together) with a glass of our freshly bottled blush wine. Of course everything but the wine got roasted for far too long, but still the highlight of my day.

I cannot even express how happy I am that tomorrow is Monday and that the man of the house will be gone for work at 7am, 6am if he hauls his ass to the gym first. Seriously, some time apart could do us good (or real furious fire instead of sexy sparks might truly happen). On top of that, only a couple more weeks before… school.

While I wait for the last few moments of this weekend to come to an end, I’m going to crank my melodic metal and put a small flame to an even smaller little pack of herbal remedy that hopefully will take enough of the fire away from my muscles and joints to let me fall into a…. relative daze because lets face it, sleep seems far from possible at the moment.


3 thoughts on “Weekend… IN FLAMES

  1. Ha! I look forward to Mondays as well! When do the kidlets go back to school? It’ll probably help to have a little more down time. Stress is great at sending all of the dysfunctions into a kamikaze nosedive (I fully endorse the use of wine and ‘herbs’ to increase resiliency).

    Steroids are amazing because they fix EVERYTHING except a bad attitude. That tends to get much much worse with them. They don’t call it the devil drug for nothing. The side effects aren’t much to laugh at, but I feel so much better when I’m on them that it makes it worth it.

    Vasculitis sounds an awful lot like my peripheral neuropathy. No fun. Have you tried biofreeze or mentholatum? It’s about the only topical thing that seems to even put a tiny ding in my pain (other than actual pain medication). If it feels like fire, I’m inclined to throw ice on it.

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    1. I find topical creams don’t work much anywhere other than my hands. Maybe because they’re particularly lean and small so all the vessels and nerves are right there on the surface. While the pain is excruciating and going numb at the worst moments isn’t a treat, if my blood vessels are swelling and causing peripheral nerve pain, God knows what they’re doing to my insides that don’t have pain sensors. I’m scared of predisone…. maybe because my mother’s experience on it wasn’t peachy, she had a horrible reaction but Imuran doesn’t look like a walk in the park either. While the prospect of acquiring Canada’s version of the ‘green card’ looks good for the near future, I’m well aware it’s only a temporary and some times not appropriate pain relief option. Time to grab the big guns :S

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