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Life’s a garden. DIG IT!

In the hustle and bustle of everything else going on this summer, I’ve quite neglected my little garden here at home. As for the field out at our friends…. its a lost cause after the neighboring field spread its crap canola and then sprayed the heck out of it with all sorts of chemicals growth hormones and pesticides…. it is now a big patch of weeds, canola and very run down non producing vegetable bushes.

All is not lost however. Even though it’s neglected most of the time, our little home garden is growing strong (other than our plants in the cabbage family…. stupid moths). I haven’t spent nearly as much time as I would like out in it making sure everything is perfect but it still gives me great amounts of joy to see it grow, tend to it when I can and of course start seeing it fruit and eventually harvest the long awaited goodies.


All those transplanted carrots made it! They are ginormous and completely put the lettuce to shame. There are a wack load of tomatoes starting to pop up and even my peppers are producing already considering how late everything went into the ground.


This has been an amazing year for basil, it’s been growing wonderfully in it’s shaded spot by our willow tree. 6 different varieties but I still love this African purple leaf the best. Cutting down on fresh vegetables due to the mystery gut issues has been difficult but being able to use fresh basil in many dishes helps keep it tasting like it’s straight from the garden.


Another intestinal nono would be all the spicy goodness that comes from hot peppers. This baby though is a sweet banana pepper, a lot of the flavor with much less heat, all 6 plants are producing and this gal can’t wait for pizza night this fall!


This little sucker had me jumping for joy when I saw it (ok, more like squeeling and calling Mr. Mango over to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks). Last year not ONE of my squash plants produced any fruit, not even any female flowers truth be told and earlier in this season it didn’t look like I’d have any this year either. I guess the plants changed their mind and now I have some zucchini, cucumber, spaghetti squash and one lucky cantaloupe growing. Alas another year with no pumpkins but I won’t be complaining, considering how forlorn the plants have been in between rainy days.


The first harvest of carrots went over extremely well. Never have I heard kids beg so much to have some veggies with their meal. You’d think it was a handful of candy.

While it may be a neglected hobby this season, I’m still extremely excited that we will have at least something to show for the work we all put in this spring. It puts a positive spin on summer coming to an end, the days growing shorter and the nights getting colder.

I don’t know what else this Autumn season will bring, but I do know some amazing salads (which by then I hope to be able to enjoy with less regret afterwards), soups, salsa and snackables!

life's a garden


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