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Pies and Perseids

We finally had what you could call a laid back weekend. No guests (well… my Dad, but at this point he doesn’t count he’s here so often), no outings, no festivals, no trouble-making. It didn’t  mean we didn’t have plans though.

We wait every year for the Perseid meteor show to come around and while it usually means a couple way too late of nights, we’ve never truly been disappointed. Besides we had lots to keep us busy in the evenings while we wait for pitch black to be upon us.


Normally we don’t go so gung-ho with our crab apple collection (we don’t even have a tree ourselves) but some neighbors of ours had a death in the family and are out of town for the funeral and their tree has been going bonkers with fruit and they would just go to waste (and get all rotten and disgusting on the lawn). I swear this tree had more apples than leaves on it and even when we were done picking our over 150 lbs of apples it looked like we barely made a dent.

While not exactly as relaxing as lazing in the hot tub or cuddling up while watching a movie, sitting around for hours cutting apples is a hell of a lot less work than the last few weekends have been, so I was happy to take it as is. Besides with all the wonderful things you can do with crab apples, the bit of work now has a lot of pay off later.

Staying up till the wee hours of the morning didn’t end up being as worth it as we thought on Thursday and Friday but on Saturday and Sunday it was clear and beautiful out. We saw some amazing showers and had some hilarious  conversations.It all definitely put my insomnia to better use than laying in bed wishing I could be snoozing.

Now that the peak nights are done and a storm has settled over us (we even lost power earlier for a couple hours) all I have left is the apples. 16 pies 3 crisps a batch of apple wine brewing and bags upon bags of diced and sliced apples in the freezer and I still have two full grocery bags left. I’m not quite sure what to do anymore!

You guessed it! Cut more apples and make more pies because it’s not like I’m gonna be getting any sleep anyways…



8 thoughts on “Pies and Perseids

    1. A lot of people in North America had issues with clouds over the peak times. Some of the footage from elsewhere is absolutely stunning though. Funny think, I didn’t even think apple sauce, though I’ve always wanted to try it. Thanks for the idea!

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