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The good ones (the real slide show)

Yesterday I posted a bunch of pictures… of me. While it may come off a tad narcissistic, I felt I had a point to make and needed a little guided vent. In reality though, I hate photos of myself both when they’re being taken (oh how I am not photogenic nor do I know how to fake it) or having to decidedly keep any of the ones taken since I am in charge of going through pretty much all of the ones that may be seen by the human eye (well other than Mr. Mango’s, I’m pretty sure he has quite a few T&A shots he’s snuck on his phone over the years… he knows he’s a dead man if they ever see the light).

I’m usually the one behind the camera and I like it that way. While my illnesses and woes were definitely a part of what made the camping trip difficult, there were so many wonderful and beautiful parts that made it worth while and amazing.


I’m no photographer or anything, but I love being able to look back and see my favorite people and one of my favorite places on earth.


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