6 thoughts on “Death by shark week…

  1. Haha, cotton-twat. 😄

    It sucks. I’m sorry your parts are assholes too. I’m ready to give my girl parts up. I’m undecided about the boobs. They bug me, but they also catch chips that fall out of my mouth. Boobs, savior of chips.

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    1. Yes, the tumble twins do have their purposes, everything else though can be headed to the medical waste pile for all I care, though early menopause doesn’t seem like much fun either!

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        1. I’d like to take credit but its an equal mix of Kevin Smith terminology, Anne Rice’s dark and twisty details (with some Joss Whedon mixed in) and my own minds crooked sense of the world. Though I have to admit after watching the new Deadpool flick I have A) found myself a foul mouthed soul mate and B) came to be even more comfortable with more ‘out there’ euphemisms.

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