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Auf Wiedersehen!

Always excited to see this sign!

Yes that’s right for those of you that may understand basic German. Until we meet again, for the rest of you (rough translation). It won’t be for long though I assure you. It’s see ya later to the internet, cell reception, electricity and well, all the other comforts of home for a few days.

Last year a very wet and tired Mango clan ready to pack up.

The von Kampen clan is heading out to the lake (not the one we live at…) for our annual camping trip. Me and my brother are 3rd generation von Kampen’s taking up tenting up at West Hawk Lake, which makes my kids 4th generation. I can recall summer after summer spending any spare vacation time my Dad had going out there and enjoying the tenting, camp food, hiking, swimming, fishing, nature walks, canoe races and ice cream trips. The best parts of my childhood come from the days practically living out there and being able to bring that all back, if only for a weekend is priceless.

The last few years, our camping weekends are few and far between. We’ve had to settle on once a year, maybe two when we can fit in our pirate camping weekend (I know your intrigued…. but more on that another day). Between how hard it is to take 3 niblets under 10 tent camping, my health conditions and Mr. Mango’s work schedule it is really difficult to plan, prep and follow through with such an endeavor. Which honestly makes the one weekend a year we actually go that much more precious.

In terms of timing, this year it couldn’t be worse. I’m in rare form between the massive humidity making my brain feel like it’s exploding along with a lupus AND IBS flare up that rivals some of my worst. I’m in some weird mode between dead man walking and super beast woman running on ambition and caffeine. On top of my health, we have a doctors appointment tomorrow with the GP and one on Monday with the new gastroenterologist. Thank GOODNESS it’s only an intake, there’s no way I could have managed to fast over a camping weekend. Even so, its some pretty tight scheduling and very little rest.

Our usual weather.

One thing we have in favor for us is a good forecast. Not that that has ever stopped Mother nature from raining on our parade in the past….literally. In all the time Mr. Mango and I have spent together there has not been ONE beautiful camping/beach day. It rains, the whole time, sometimes storms and yes we’ve even seen snow. It’s why we always bring our cold weather gear, why we’ve learned to campfire cook in any condition and why we’ve learned fishing is one of the most awesome hobbies ever (because its actually better on a dreary day).

Don’t tell Mr. Mango, but Little Dude’s way better at fishing than his daddy.

Good weather or bad, I’m most likely spending my time in relaxation mode, whether I want to or not. Being there is enough for me to be absolutely delighted, no need to push 15k hikes, swimming to blueberry island or epic tenis battles. If I can manage to help Mr. Mango set up the tents, pick some good tunes and put a sausage on a stick, my jobs will be thoroughly done.

My Dad, happy to escape the city and his divorce to spend time with the grandkids.

I’m sure it will pass by in a blink of an eye, unless I can’t sleep of course…. then an eternity will pass by with nothing but crickets and the man’s epic snoring. We plan to be back Sunday night, no earlier and no later (fingers crossed here, we’ve already had one flat tire in Mr. Mango’s old truck… man the good old days).

My brother and I, still call dibs on the pair of swings.

Wish us luck…. and no rain clouds!



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