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Enough family time!


I have certainly had my fill this weekend. What started out as  a very relaxed plan to enjoy the Icelandic Festival going on in a nearby town during this August long weekend very quickly turned into a big to-do. Tents set up, cars lined the driveway, massive amounts of food and alcohol and of course the anxiety that comes with knowing what it takes to be on hosting duty for a short notice get together.

By this morning it was piles of dirty dishes, mounds of wet towels and swim suits, recycling bags over flowing with empty cans and bottles and just utter mess throughout the yard and house. It’s like a college house party happened. Now after the business of it all, it’s time to find some spare energy (more like spoons) to clean it all up before the short work week starts.

It’s not that it’s all bad or anything. We had a lot of fun and the weather was gorgeous for enjoying some time outdoors. Lots of good memories made, but it was exhausting, especially on top of everything else that’s already been going on and the fact that we’re supposed to be going camping next weekend. My poor mind and my even poorer body just can’t keep up to summer vacation apparently.

Slowly one by one the long line of vehicles along our house are leaving and life might resemble normal by the end of the day. By tomorrow I hope to be able to brain a little better and actually post about the fun, findings and future plans.


I love Mr. Mango’s side of the family… but really I’m ready to be alone!


3 thoughts on “Enough family time!

  1. LOL … nice to hear other families do similar craziness! Don’t you love it that they all come at once! Not spread out sparingly … no, all at once and full on … and the washing! Thats my archilles heel …. Hope you manage to catch a breath this week 🙂

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    1. It always happens, eh, and usually without a warning! It isn’t easy, but when it gets tough I try to think of how when he and his (the Mr.’s) brothers were little all 5 of them were being wrangled by only their mom all day every day. One weekend seems short in comparison! Thankfully there is NOTHING planned for this week, fingers crossed it stays that way 😀

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