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Why haven’t I mentioned the tub yet?

It’s not that it isn’t here and it’s not that it isn’t great. We’ve just had some issues with some manufactures defects and now in the end, they’ve ordered us a new tub since a few things already have to be replaced and the frame has already gotten wet. We felt it shouldn’t be on us with it being brand new and all and for how much we had to fork out, we wanted the best right off the bat.

The company we have dealt with is nothing but amazing, not only have they been with us every step of the confusing way but they have been super understanding about our concerns.

It doesn’t mean that it’s been easy though. We waited so long for the deck to be done, the pad to be placed and then finally for the darn thing to be and it’s been quite the mental strain to add that to the list of worries lately

Still I have to admit that even though it has issues, it is completely use-able. And use it we have!

The first time finally going in after 2 days of filling, electrical and running into our first couple complications was almost surreal. Of course after that feeling left, it was amazing. I has have a bad flare up of my SI joint along with my hands and elbows being incredibly sore. It was relaxing, soothing and peaceful. In the end it left me with a definite feeling of “I could get used to this.”

Of course I wasn’t the only one impressed with our new piece of equipment. Sure the health and relaxation benefits are numerous and definitely the main reason we made the decision to buy a spa, but the fun family time definitely is a huge bonus. The kids LOVE IT!

Everyone loves it, even Little Dude, who at first was adamant that he wouldn’t go in it if we put water in. It’s a fun, easy and comfortable way to enjoy some family time without stepping off property.

It’s unfortunate now that it’s causing such a hassle but thankfully we’re able to enjoy the many benefits of this ‘broken’ one until the new one arrives in 8 weeks.Which means a lot less worry and a little more rest.

With how bad my abdominal pain has been, its been a God send. Really. Its like the warm flowing water holds my innards into place and the soothing pressure is just enough to ease some of the pain. Of course unlike the ease on my joints that lasts for hours after hopping out, all the pain comes shooting back as soon as I’m out. It’s not perfect, but if I can in less pain for an hour a day that doesn’t involve a pill, a trip to the hospital or physio clinic, I’ll take it!


5 thoughts on “Why haven’t I mentioned the tub yet?

  1. ‘Therapeutic spas’ are great for prevent hangovers too. Er, so I’ve heard. 😉 A marvelous, multi-purpose invention. It’s awesome that you can still enjoy it while your new one is in transit. How hot do you keep it? Do you use Chlorine or bromine? Or salt?

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    1. Right now it’s set at 101 and thank goodness there’s a ‘cooling’ seat. My HR hikes very easily when I feel overheated so any more than that and I’m toast (of the soggy variety) after only 10 minutes. We’re using a bromine system with an ozonator right now and other than a massive amount of softener and ph lowerer we’re using a lot less chemicals than we thought. It’s also a lot easier on the skin than chlorine. We looked into salt water tubs, but for our temperature changes and well water, it would have cost way more to maintain. I find it definitely prevents hangovers… even if only because after just half a glass of wine I feel tipsy 😛 Which is good, because generally any more red wine than that and I’m in for a hangover for sure!

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      1. I know whatcha mean about the heat and the heart! I dread showers because the “cold” water comes out of the tap at 90 degrees since it’s summer. Thank goodness for my shower bench.

        My parents used bromine in their hot tub, and it is definitely more gentle (and less stinky) than chlorine. Pools take an obscene amount of chemicals to run, but spas aren’t bad at all. I’ve always wanted to swim in a saltwater pool, just to see what it’s like.

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