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I’m still the best… apparently

I have been ridden with guilt the last few months. As a mom of 3 young kids full of zest and energy, I’m kind of falling behind. Not that I don’t have a heart full of love and at least the ability to keep them as safe from harm as possible, properly fed and in bed to get enough shut eye. You’d think though, after having chosen to be a stay at home mom that I’d have time, energy and ability to just do more than make sure they’re alive and the house is relatively…clean.

Between our renovations, doctors appointments, bad health days, crazy family stuff and catching up on groceries and errands, there hasn’t been a lot of time to be SUPERMOM. There really hasn’t been any extra time at all. My kids have eaten processed crap for supper more times than I can count in the last month, or ‘to do’ list of fun crafts and summer activities has no checks on it, we haven’t gone camping, they’ve been to the beach only twice and that was with my father while I was busy with tests (this shouldn’t be so hard…the beach is 2 1/2 blocks away) and for most of May/June they couldn’t even play in our backyard because it was a giant construction zone with no stairs.

Princess’ birthday was pushed back a month, Buddy was literally itching to practice hockey and well Little Dude like a Tasmanian Devil, just doesn’t handle being caged very well. They’re all acting full of cabin fever too, which doesn’t help my daily frustration level. There’s only so many daily reminders of “don’t run in the house” “don’t pull your sisters hair” “don’t use the barbies as bats” “no please god do not use the bunk bed as a diving board” I can go through before I become a MOMSTER.

Still no matter how crappy a job I feel like I’m doing or how little I feel like I’m able to make their summer vacation awesome and exciting, I guess they still think I’m pretty awesome.

Everyone back together again.
The day we get Buddy back and we’re stranded in a huge rain storm. Everyone was drenched!

I was under the assumption that Buddy would have been sad to be back home where there are structured rules, we’re more on him about his itching, picking and other behavioral issues going on at the moment and he’s ‘forced’ to eat a semi healthy diet that doesn’t consist of just KD, chicken nuggets and french fries. Instead, he seems so happy to be back, I’m honestly flabbergasted.

Note the detail, my hair matches my toenails.

This seriously MADE MY DAY yesterday. Along with the fact that the kids all banded together to clean up all morning so that “Mommy could rest so we could have a walk in the afternoon, because she probably can’t do both.”

They were right, I was barely able to move yesterday morning. Somehow a 9, 6 and 3 year old all managed to get along and help out. Miracles do happen, and so did that walk.


Of course it was a slow walk just to the edge of the beach where we sat and spent some times reading our new books, but we had a blast. Maybe it wasn’t some new adventure, pintrest creation or exciting carnival but they were all smiling and having fun.

I may never be SUPERMOM, but to my kids I’m still the BEST.


5 thoughts on “I’m still the best… apparently

  1. lol…don’t use barbies as bats. Aww, but maaaaaaahm!

    That was incredibly sweet of them to help out! I know you know that there’s no such thing as a perfect parent, or a perfect person for that matter. You do the best you can, and those wonderful tiny humans in your life understand (at least by kid logic standards), appreciate, and love you for it.

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    1. It’s simply amazing how perceptive kids can be, or at least when they slow down for two seconds to catch a thought. I’m just glad that all the chaos that we’ve been going through hasn’t killed their spirit or made them think life isn’t fun.

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