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Too tired to function, too awake to sleep


Pretty much sums it up.

Between the gut problems being worse than ever and whatever nerve issue is causing my arms to burn and be numb at the same time, the idea of a restful full night’s sleep is a fairy tale.

For the same reasons along with the lack of sleep, days are spent a in a groggy haze.

A constant flow of coffee throughout the morning is enough to usually get me going by late morning but I slowly peeter out throughout the afternoon and the evening is spent wishing I could be curled up under my covers with my hot pack, herbal remedy while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the millionth time.

Maybe it’s not exactly how I get to spend this evening, but it will be finally a more peaceful and ‘fingers crossed’ uneventful day. It’s finally cooled off outside and its supposed to be raining with a risk of thunderstorm. We’re stuck inside and even better we have no reason to have to go out.

The perfect day for a permanently  exhausted pigeon like me to spend curled up with some good cartoons, my 3 obnoxious but utterly adorable little rugrats, a pile of pillows and some easy slow cooker soup.


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