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When you can’t Pokemon GO…


You Pokemon….stay.

Seriously, I can’t believe how this craze has wide-swept the world. Really for the second time, because boy do I remember when Pokemon first appeared and took over our classrooms, recesses, every drawer, nook and cranny with trading cards, figures, stuffies and of course game cartridges.

I’ll be the first to admit, when my brother first got into it, I followed right behind. In fact, to this day, we reminisce often about our childhood times playing the original game for HOURS during rainy days on our old SuperNintendo (equipped with the cartridge that allows for GameBoy games to be played on the big screen, yea that kind of technology really did exist back then) or our road trips spent in silence as we both tried to catch them all, leaving my dad with some peace and quiet. It really is one of the only lasting things we kind of have in common.

It’s funny that it would become the biggest thing again now, just some amazing timing. Little Dude over the last few months has gotten really into the original TV series and when the whole gang found out that there was going to be a new app that focused on catching all the original 150 just like Ash, they were super excited.

That is of course until they found out that A) Mommy isn’t able to go tramping about town all day every day under the hot beating sun to help them catch ’em all and B) Living in a rural area sucks stinky balls for playing a game that relies heavily on busy areas for active play. It really does involve hours of aimless walking to luck into one single Pokemon around here.

So the nostalgia has been put on hold for now. Until the creators make it a little more small town friendly. Or of course while we wait we can laze around on these boiling hot days with some of the original line up of games.

I’m on a mission to find our only original GameBoy and Pokemon Red. Then all 3 niblets will have their own game/system to keep busy and Mommy can get some peace and quiet while suffering from day 2 of the heat/sinus infection induced migraine.


4 thoughts on “When you can’t Pokemon GO…

    1. Seriously don’t! Mr. Mango wasn’t even in the craze years ago and he made fun of me big time when I got excited about a new one… Now he’s the one taking an extra 15 minutes every morning to walk around his work in the city to actually catch shit. It’s one dangerously addictive activity!

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        1. Agreed! Even though we live in a rural area its an excuse to go and explore and add a new fun twist to the great outdoors.


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