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Sometimes we’re all just suffering

On a day like today, my pain and discomfort doesn’t seem much worse than anyone else around me. Sometimes discomfort is simply universal.

With the humidex putting our temperature at 41 degrees Celsius (that’s 105.8 degrees Fahrenheit ) it’s pretty safe to say that anyone not in the vicinity of central air is suffering big time.


We have a window unit for AC….. somewhere…. But do you think we bothered to find it earlier in the summer? Nope.  Dammit.

Normally we’re pretty heat tolerant. Our winters are so bloody cold that the heat of the summer is a welcome break, even if it means boob sweat and chugging water until ‘your teeth float’ as my Grandma used to say. This though, makes me miss winter and that’s saying something.

We’re well hydrated, we’ve avoided warming up the house too much (thank goodness for the BBQ) and now as the storms roll in, the outside air is finally blowing in some refreshing breeze. Everyone else seems less miserable.

The kids kept cool with ice cream.

Mr. Mango is chilling out with his  Jack ‘n’ Coke (aka the Lemmy).

….and still here I am.

Signs it’s too hot outside.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes we’re all just suffering

  1. It has been disgusting hot here, heat index over 100 most days. I miss Alaskan summers! I’d say I miss AK winters, but that -60 degree crap was just plain insanity. Hope y’all don’t melt! Now I’ve got to watch Dogma. Such a great flick. 🙂

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