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Distractions needed

It has been an intense week emotionally. I already knew it would be hard to miss Buddy and to worry about him being with almost strangers, but after hearing about his health concerns and trip to the ER, I’ve been a wreck.

I know he’s doing better now, his spirit seems up, his bio dad assures me that the antibiotics are working and his doctors say that his inflammation is going down day by day. Still, the age old issue with chronic illness AND anxiety is being stuck “taking it easy” and being bored without all the distractions of keeping busy.

My body is still in massive revolt after all the work in June. It is being adamant that if I don’t rest and give it a break, it WILL break. Meanwhile there’s only so much online gaming, Buffy binge watching and surfing the web I can mentally be stimulated by.

Ergo, find a way to make my body happy while also getting some time out of the house and giving my mind something happy to concentrate on.

We took a short trip North to get our hands on some fresh strawberries. It was 8 years to the day (thanks Facebook for reminding me) since I last went with Buddy and my Opa (grandfather). He is now in a permanent hospice room with advanced Parkinson’s. While it was rather bittersweet reliving the memories (not the berries, they were scrumptious) it made me so happy to be able to share a special family tradition with Mr. Mango and the younger two tots.

I also got a phone call from Buddy right near the end of our trip so it ALMOST felt like we were all there together in the fields of straw, bright green leaves and ruby red hidden gems. It was exactly what I needed.

Now we have a freezer and fridge stocked full of strawberries just waiting to be experimented with once my hands stop acting up so much. A whole bunch of future distractions.

Though of course we had to have our first sample, and boy was the little bit of effort worth it. A fantastic feast out on our new deck.


I think it’s safe to say the whole family now knows why every year I beg to go picking!


2 thoughts on “Distractions needed

    1. It really does, and with the proper sun protection and/or shade along with something comfy to sit or kneel on, it’s worth the little extra effort for those of us that are often cooped up inside 🙂

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