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No apologies….but

Thank you.

To all of you that read my crap. I did throw a mini tantrum/pity party this morning and y’all got to witness it. It was much needed and at least for the most part, I’ve recovered.

Or well I hope so… Now there’s two more days of real weekend left to get through.

This morning may have been utter chaos, but other than insane gut wrenching pain and nausea along with my legs dying on me, the rest of the day was manageable ( I say other than, because really the rest of that crap isn’t the Mr. or the kids fault). With bribes of a hamburger dinner and ice cream later, they better be friggin’ angels for a few hours.

I think over the past month I’ve handled my pain pretty well, with a “get er done” attitude and now that it’s all over, I’m mentally and physically just ready for a collapse. I just can’t ’cause people need me.


Instead, I vent, I over boil and I try to point my pain in the least harmful direction. Therefore a written shit show for the inter-web to witness. It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last.

Again, I’m not sorry, but thank you for listening.


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