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I can’t handle any more holidays!

I just can’t.

I hate to say it, but I need a few days where it’s just me, my kids and somewhat of a normal day. I don’t care if I’m stuck in the middle of a god awful flare with the addition of a summer sinus cold (thank you cruel mother nature for just adding on to the shit show, and Aunt Flow should be on her way any time now, talk about kicking a dog when it’s down). I say I don’t care because it still would be mentally and emotionally less draining than handling the chaos of Mr. Mango’s random vacation days.

Right now he’s got Livin’ la Vida Loca blasted on Spotify, while playing some Slipknot on my acoustic guitar, Little Dude is  running around screaming while collecting picks and touching himself, and the older two are fighting over Princess’ new smelly markers (the toasted marshmallow in particular).

I haven’t even had my first morning coffee…

Having 3 kids under 10 home all day every day pretty much means life is going to be chaotic day in, day out already. Having a grown ass man that acts like a 10 year old most of the time around all day on top of that. I’m going out of my mind. Not to mention that the few moments of each day he decides to ‘adult’ generally end in an argument about how I just need to relax and take it easy. I’m too much of a control freak.

Ahem, well one of us needs to be responsible around here! The more lax he is, the more I have to pick up that slack.Who the fuck ever actually said I wanted to be the bad guy, the drill sergeant, the headmaster? It wasn’t me, that’s for sure. I’d like to be the one that suggests ice cream or a late movie night after a good day once in a while.

I know I’m a cranky mess. I know that I’ve lost the joy. I hate it more than he ever could, but the attitude coming from me is mostly due to the high frequency number of days he’s been randomly taking off work to goof around and refuse to acknowledge that some stuff still has to get done at home.

That is of course, on top of the hectic last couple months of renovations around here. I’m just ready for a little stability day to day. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Besides, he’s almost all out of holidays and it’s only the beginning of July. I know that my doctors apts eat up a lot, but wouldn’t we rather plan a trip to the Zoo, a long weekend camping trip or a rainy day Museum adventure instead of just sitting around home getting hyper. There’s already 2/7 days of that a week.

If this keeps up, I’m gonna be a run away by the end of the summer. Fuck this shit.


UPDATE: Now there is a pick or two in the PS4, Little Dude has bailed over a chair, Princess is wailing that her markers are being put away and Buddy is saying he’s bored because he can’t fight. Oh and Mr. Mango is throwing some sort of fit, because during the last 10 minutes of chaos the kids didn’t get their shit together….

Help me….






4 thoughts on “I can’t handle any more holidays!

  1. I can’t help but laugh. Not at what you’re going through, but I completely feel your frustration with your manchild. I sometimes joke that I don’t need kids, because I’ve got a husband. I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I don’t know what to do with mine either. I haven’t re-implemented the to-do list yet because the last time I tried, it just turned into a white board with pretty writing all over it, and it didn’t compute in his brain that he was supposed to look at it, do stuff, then cross the item off of the list. If I can ever tell him to do something without sounding bitchy, I’m sure that will work. The only problem is the internal rage of feeling like he should KNOW what needs to be done, so when I do say “please break down the boxes for recycling”, it comes out like I’m barking orders at him. Ahhhh, men!

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