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A party fit for a princess

This past weekend was a jam packed one. It’s already Thursday and it still feels like we’re recovering (not just illness wise, that’s gonna take even longer). Between Canada Day festivities, hurriedly getting the final touches done on the yard, cleaning up the giant mess that the last month has created and finally having Princess’ Princess party, we didn’t have one spare minute to waste.

The last few kids birthdays have all been about the cake, while this time it was more about the party, I still tried to give her exactly what she wanted. A strawberry cake that’s pink and purple, with lots of icing.


Now this cute little tiara cake went along with a bunch of pastel coloured cupcakes and mini cup cakes that honestly got gobbled up so fast that I couldn’t even grab a picture of them.

The weather wasn’t the greatest, we actually had to rush everything inside for the first little bit due to some rain. In the end though it dried up enough we could head out for some bbq, party games, a pinata and just an over all good time.

Princess was so happy a few of her school friends could join even if the long weekend kept most busy with family stuff. I have never seen kids so excited to smash something either. Like girly inner violence to the max. Even so, that tiara pinata seemed invincible, to the point a couple Daddies had to lend their aid.

It was a lot of work and the timing was especially bad, but it was still awesome and exactly what we needed to celebrate finally being finished with renovations this summer.

Now July can officially being and Princess has a ton of brand new crafts to keep her occupied while the boys go play in the mud!


5 thoughts on “A party fit for a princess

    1. Thank you 🙂 Yes I did. Not as adventurous as I used to, but it tasted great and well, I could never pass up the chance to work with buttercream (cause there’s always extra!).

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