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It’s finally almost done (here!)

The month from Hell that is (yes I am still counting it as June, no way I’m letting construction, frustration and over due deadlines ruin my July). To be honest, it all started at the beginning of May when life was full or bank visits, research and budgeting. June was putting all the planning into action.

The foundation of the house is fixed (well…. almost…. they have to come back once to fix a couple spots), the deck is completed and the Princess party yesterday was a huge success. Now today we wait for the last piece of our plan to fall into place. It should be here around noon. I am counting the seconds.


The closest thing I have to the completely finished yard (before our mulch was set down around the deck and the yard cleaned up after all the chaos). Right there on that patio pad is going our big long awaited surprise. We haven’t told many people and even the kids don’t know that we forusre picked one out and bought it (though I bet they have their suspicions after how much shopping around we did).



While it may mean even more push on our mortgage, it should be worth every friggin penny (and the interest on top). Months of research in the best of hydrotherapy, doctors notes to the private insurance (fingers crossed that they might actually reimburse with my physio equipment yearly allowance) and mostly Mr. Mango convincing me that I NEEDED this at home and it’s finally on it’s way here.

I’ve been hesitant to mention it much. Yea sure everyone will be excited for us and of course want to come visit and enjoy but that is totally not what this is about. Really the only way I was convinced that this luxury was worth the hefty price tag was the hope that it might help with chronic pain, anxiety and insomnia (and maybe everything else).

Will I be enjoying a glass of wine, tunes and even possibly some social time too? Well yea, of course, but that’s just icing on the cake. Right now, knowing that some real relaxation and relief is a real possibility. The weightlessness of warm water itself is amazing (and the only reason I take baths in the first place), now add some wonderfully powerful jets to sooth any which area needed, aromatherapy options and soothing lights to ease the mind. It really sounds like just what I need on a daily basis, and I won’t even have to leave my home.

The amount of time wasted to and from doctors apts is already insane, I stopped going to physio and massage therapy because it was just more days off, more time in the uncomfortable car and more money on gas spent. Being able to have the benefits of that any time I want without any hassle? YES PLEASE!

Maybe it sounds  a bit like I’m validating it. Maybe I am. I grew up in two households where not only was it not an option to get something like a hot tub, but it was seen as a frivolous waste of money that only ‘rich’ people were able to afford. I was actually shocked when my dad seemed genuinely excited and even brought up how much it might help. As far as the bank is concerned, there’s a difference between a “hot tub” and a “hydrotherapy tub” and we lucked out on the good side (not really luck, more just random timing having to re-do insurances with doctors notes about my chronic illnesses).

In the end it all worked out in our favor. We’re almost there. By the time Mr. Mango gets home from work today it should be in and filled and ready to be hooked up. After that, not only will we have an amazing piece of relaxation therapy, but we’ll be done all the extra work. I can get back to life and hopefully kick this flares ass and enjoy some of the all too short summer.


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