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Cleaning, catch up and CT results

We are ALMOST done this mess of a renovation. Let’s just say the major construction and chaos is over and it’s really down to details, and of course cleaning up weeks worth of neglect. This basically means that even though we’re not on a strict deadline (mainly due to the fact that there was no easily usable door or step out of the house) we’re still left with a lot of work to do.

Not only that but there IS still a time crunch we’re under. It’s Princess’s long awaited birthday party next Sunday and our yard needs to be decoration and BBQ ready by then along with preparations for our surprise unveil the day after when our final big investment arrives.

So, busy it still is for a week or so.

Unlike before though, my resolve isn’t working in my favor anymore. Whatever inner physical *umph* I had has now left. While my mental drive is still there and raring to go, my defective body however isn’t willing to even try keeping up.

Mr. Mango has had a couple laughs at things like dropping pens or soup ladles because my hands are too stiff to work, for the most part it’s just pain. Lots of pain. My doctor assures me that taking my break-through meds almost around the clock is perfectly fine during a period of increased pain (even if it’s not a flare but increased activity). That the friggin’ point of it is to make it so I can live life and function as normal as possible. I get it, but it still make me uncomfortable (maybe due to all the more recent talk about addiction rates and risk, along with the fact that my own mother was a prime example of opiate addiction).

In the end though it doesn’t make me AS uncomfortable as not being able to do shit-all while there’s a shit-ton left to do.

On top of all the hectic-ness of home, we have test results coming in soon. Last week we ran into the big city to get an ultrasound and CT scan done to see what the heck is going on in my abdomen. It was an urgent apt and apparently results are being rushed to my doc’s early this week. Fingers crossed that this is just them being nice about things getting rolling and not a “Holy shit look at that, she’s gonna die” type rush.

Before I babel on into complete nonsense, I’ll stop here. I’m not quite ready to get back to normal blog activity (hello how far behind am I on my daily diary?) or really any household activity, but I’ll be getting there soon.

Want a quick sneak peak?

OK, you convinced me. Feel free to feel privileged. We haven’t even shared our progress with our closest friends, haha!

Now for a second cup of joe, my heating pad, pinterest and finally a quiet morning. With the foundation crew finally done too, this is my and Little Dude’s first morning alone in weeks. We’re going to enjoy.

P.S. Anyone wanna guess what’s going off to the right? It’s gonna be amazing!


4 thoughts on “Cleaning, catch up and CT results

  1. Wow! The deck looks great! It’s good you had some days that you were able to kick ass, but boo on the aftermath. 😦

    If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been taking a-typical opioids almost every single day for a year. I do become physically dependent, but as long as I slowly reduce the dose, it’s not a problem. Sometimes I feel like an ‘addict’, but there’s a difference between addiction and dependency (Johnna @ painkills probably has articles on this). Mostly I feel very fortunate that there’s something out there that helps, and out of all of the drugs I take, it’s actually the most benign.

    I hope things settle down for you soon, and…I’m going to guess you’re putting a greenhouse in?? Oh, or a Hot tub?!

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    1. I love that, dependency vs. addiction. Living with a life long illness, it’s definitely important to see the difference between the two (I look forward to looking and seeing about some articles on the subject). I agree, it is a huge to relief to know that there is something out there that can help. Some days I couldn’t imagine life without.
      While a greenhouse would be AWESOME, apart from a miracle heated igloo, nothing would keep our plants warm in our sometimes harsh weather. Ding ding ding, on the second one though. Or, “hydrotherapy spa” as we’ve decided to go with. Because it was probably the only way the Mr. was able to convince me to go for it!

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      1. Sweet! Hot tubs were extremely popular is Alaska, and I always thought they were crazy to run back into the house after getting out when it was -20F. I guess you’re warm enough by the time you’re finished that it doesn’t really matter.

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        1. Haha, very true! A good pair of slippers and a fuzzy robe and the 5 second dart back into the house should be manageable. Or at least worth the pleasure of warm water and massaging jets.

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