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My little miracle


From the moment the stick had two little lines, we knew we had a little miracle on our hands. Just a few short months earlier we had been told that most likely my uterus was unable to hold a pregnancy due to scaring and a whacked up hormone system made for the chance of even getting a positive test being very slim.

As it turned out in the late summer of 2009 we had gotten pregnant, within a month of a horrific miscarriage experience. By the time we actually found out, we were almost through the first trimester, all symptoms were just brushed off as hormones and/or the stress of everything we went through. We (and the stupid doctors) were wrong.

It was not an easy pregnancy, I got my first signs of SI dysfunction, my IBS worsened and now looking back there could have been the first glimpses of lupus showing themselves. It didn’t matter (ok well it did, but not in comparison) we were blessed with our beautiful little Princess June 11, 2010. She was two weeks early but perfect, everyone was amazed at after how rough the previous months had been and the fact that my water spontaneously burst for no reason.


“Holy SHIT *Mr. Mango*, we’re having a baby!” Came out of my mouth right at the moment of truth, after a huge inhale of the ‘funny stuff’ that I refused to let go of the whole time. While I’m sure it was more for relief than anything, we’ve had many a laugh over my seemingly blonde moment over the years.

It wasn’t that it was our first baby (Buddy was already 3) and it wasn’t that we were naive about what happens after one lucky sperm manages to meet an unsuspecting egg….. and 9 months later… It was the fact that we had given up on more kids. We had accepted that my body wasn’t capable of it. We came to grips that Buddy would be an only child and that Mr. Mango wouldn’t have a biological child of his own (something that to this day I am so amazed by).

Sometimes you beat the odds. Sometimes the doctors are wrong. Sometimes by pure luck or if you believe in the sort of thing a blessing from God, things that didn’t seem scientifically possible manage to take place.

To this day Princess is my little miracle.


She is my best friend, my confidant, my baking buddy, my middle child, my Princess and just like I was growing up, the ONLY girl among a whole family (on both sides) of all boys.


She has the most amazing kind heart that everyone around her notices. Her compassion towards others, especially those in trouble or in pain is far beyond her young years (she even get’s notes home from school for how much she helps around her different classes) and it’s been that way pretty much since she could walk and talk. At 3 after trick or treating, she wanted to bring all her candy to the kids around the world that might have been sick and not able to go.


Now she’s 6!

And she’s still my little miracle! An inquisitive little sister and a helpful caring big sister. A tom boy who plays in the dirt and helps Daddy with the car. A dainty little lady who love pink, purple and pretty dresses and helping Mommy in the kitchen. A great student, already reading and writing. She’s just that great mix of everything a little girl should be.

I love my Princess and everyday I still feel incredibly blessed that we were able to have her.




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