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One Word.


This showed up on a friend of mine’s news feed yesterday. Now I’m normally not one to take part in all the ‘chain’ status but for some reason this one called to me. It took me a split second to type out one simple word and press send. Almost like it was instinct, no thought involved.


Now I could have said a million things, a lot of other people that ended up commenting through the day had some great ideas too. Money, love, laughter, food, coffee,wine, music, time, energy, sleep, sex, passion, one even said health.

While I want all of those things, I wouldn’t say I NEED them right now (other than health, and that would be good health, two words and let’s not be unrealistic, reality is that’s not going to happen without a few miracle cures). Relief is something I NEED. All the time.

Relief from pain. Relief from frustration. Relief from sleep deprivation. Relief from anxiety. Relief from emotional stress. Relief from money worries. Really the list could go on.

I’m not exactly sure why it hit me so hard. My word, What it meant to me and why I felt so strongly about it. I had never really thought about how much having it would mean to me.

Maybe because I know what it feels like to be relieved. It’s an amazing feeling isn’t it?

The best part? Compared to winning the lottery or a truck full of decent Merlot getting stranded right in front of our house, relief is actually pretty easy to come by in some way or another.

No of course complete relief of all life’s woes isn’t going to happen, but sometimes when you get it in one area of life it really can spill over into other areas. Like eating a great meal when I’m hungry automatically makes the ‘hangry’ evil feeling go away and the emotional tension that can sometime arises between Mr. Mango and I  before a meal somehow relieves itself as a result. Getting a good nights sleep has the amazing effect of lowering my general anxiety. Doing my physio and working up a good sweat and relieving stress also lowers my pain levels.

It’s something I need and it’s something that at least for the most part, I can find a way to get. That actually makes me feel a lot better.

Enough about my word. What’s your one word to describe what you need right now?


5 thoughts on “One Word.

  1. Great post! Relief is a good one, and you’re so right about little positive things spilling over into other areas and making everything a little more tolerable. The only one word I can think of right now is “chocolate”. Yup, chocolate makes everything better. 😉

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