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And so it begins….

Finally, after a few days of waiting and mixed communication the contractor and his team arrived late this morning. They hauled in some of their supplies and have started putting the base of our house back together again.

Little Dude is fascinated. At first staring from a distance but by the afternoon he was all up in that, I half expected to find him crawling into the crawl space by days end. He started asking lots of questions, talking about himself and his cars and of course his big brother and sister who were coming home soon. It meant I spent most of the afternoon back and forth between gardening/deck prep and having to beckon him back to where I could see him.

You know how when you have a small kid in the family you slowly learn their ‘dialect’ of toddler language, it becomes almost completely understandable. It isn’t until someone who doesn’t know your kid comes along and you spend the whole time translating him/her sentence by sentence. While cute at first, definitely started to become annoying, at least to me. I think the foundation boys as they will be called, didn’t mind one bit. It gave them an excuse to chat away with a 3 year old while getting a break from the dingy, spider filled 2 foot tall crawl space.

It felt like one long ass day. Normally I have no problem finding stuff to keep occupied with but I think having people here but not here is getting in the way of the ‘I’m alone, I do what I want’ mentality. Mr. Mango assures me I’ll get used to it, I’m pretty sure it’s just my general anxiety acting up to A) a change in schedule and B)there are strange men walking around and under the house whom can see  and/or hear me any time I am anywhere but locked away in my bed room.

Now I could just hide away for 2 weeks but A) the kids definitely will not survive and B) I’d go insane not doing much of anything. I don’t agree I’ll get used to it, I just have to tough it out, anxiety and all.

The countdown begins, once they finish up *fingers crossed* on time, we sweep in and put up the deck and then…. the best part! The reality of the changes around here are really becoming real. Even though the foundation work being done is a hassle on home life, it really will make a huge difference. Like say the whole house not shaking when the spin cycle is going or the fact that the piano won’t look like it’s falling through the floor.

It sure will be worth it in the end, it’s just a bummer having to wait.

Is it done yet?


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