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A loooooong day for hopefully a good night’s sleep

I sit here at 11:30 pm KNOWING I still have hours of awake time ahead.

Why you ask? Because I had the insane notion to get my ass into gear and donate some amazing baked goods to our kid’s school’s garage sale going on this weekend. Right now I have a quadruple batch of banana chocolate chunk muffins AND 4 loaves of watermelon bread on the go.

What is watermelon bread you ask now?

A soft and fluffy white sandwich bread baked to look like watermelon slices. While I can’t eat the stuff, the kids have flipped over it year after year and honestly if it helps pay of the schools every amounting debt for the new play ground, it’s worth every aching joint…. Or well almost.

The long part of the day didn’t start with  my baking mission, it started first thing in the morning when we headed into town for my GP doctor’s appointment. It went well, new sleep meds, refills on the usuals and a conversations on how kids are hell and we should all pack up and move to the tropics. Things turned south (not tropics south….south like they say is a  bad thing?? which living up here…. never mind I lost track…. it took a turn for the worse) when I mentioned more abdominal pain. He felt around and now I’m set for an emergency C.T. scan and ultrasound. Not really a surprise with how tender my right side has been, but definitely a huge inconvenience with how busy we are right now.

After leaving the doctors after yet another battery of blood and urine tests (who else has to fill 3 separate jars? Seriously, why?) we headed into the big city to pick up our new bed (a gift from my mothers) and do the last of our ‘big surprise’ research. Bringing in our old bed was no problem, but picking up the new one proved to be a tedious task, resulting in 2 stops on the side of the highway and almost an hour  in a perimeter store’s parking lot trying to shove the stupid queen mattress into the back of the grand caravan because it was shifting off the roof (resulting in our 3 year old sitting at my feet in the front the whole ride home… yea lets pretend I didn’t mention that uber-bad parenting award worthy shit right there…).


As  you can see, no one is impressed…

We had to skip the rest of the planned day to rush home in time for the other two getting home from school. Just in the nick of time I might add, since we pulled up right behind the bus dropping them off. Who the fuck knows what nonsense they would have gotten into in our flooded back yard if we had given them 5 minutes alone (reference to the Pantera song btw). Those two are like oil and water, there is no mixing at the moment.

Fast forward. I have thankfully wasted almost a half hour putting this… nonsense (?) together while waiting for the last few batches to finish baking.

In the end we have managed to bring home our new bed which my dear mother assures me will help with pain at night and a better rest being able to ignore Mr. Mango’s constant tossing and turning due to magic astronaut materials (the actual term she use FYI). I can’t wait!

Peace out blog-sphere… I give up on words now.


3 thoughts on “A loooooong day for hopefully a good night’s sleep

    1. I’m not a fan of white sandwich bread (I grew up with dense german whole grain breads) but the kids and Mr. Mango swear it’s the best thing that ever met with PB&J. Not everyone loves raisins and chocolate chips can be subbed but I find they smear. It’s one of those things that looks so ‘off’ you want to try it just ’cause’!


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