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Little changes can add up to a lot of stress

I have mentioned a few times that there are some BIG changes going on around here, some necessary, some not so much, but all of them in the end will add to a better quality of life here. It’s exciting.

Along with these big changes come a lot of little ones too as the time passes by. So small are some of them, that most people probably wouldn’t give it much thought as the days pass but to someone who’s physical and mental health rely heavily on control, scheduling and the peace of mind that everything is going as planned, they can all add up to trouble.

The first big change, and the one that will effect home life the most is an overhaul of our houses foundation. A contractor and his team will be spending up to 3 weeks 6 days a week (weather and difficulty depending) in and around our little house. The idea of this all finally being done, our floors actually being leveled (really you should see how many of our things are shimmed to high heaven) and being able to walk around the house with things shaking or worrying about falling through one spot or another is wonderful. Truly, we’ve been waiting a long time for this and I am excited. But the more I think about these upcoming three weeks, the more little things I realize are going to change.

First, obviously, there are going to be strange men here 9 hours a day. Not strange like I’m assuming they’re weirdo perverts, just strange because they are strangers to me. Not that I think all contractors or construction workers are horn dogs that spend every break cat calling but I’ve had more than my fair share of dealing with that already through the years. At the very least the simple fact that they are there could make daily living in my home a little awkward.

Second is the fact that our house has some beautiful big windows all around the living room. This is wonderful for light (hello FEELING the sun but still having UV protection) but not so wonderful when anyone within 20 feet of them can see right in any time of day. I either live in darkness, or be open to being seen the whole day. Not that I walk around in the buff all day but I don’t like being watched while exercising, singing my heart out while doing dishes or while crankily drinking my first cup of coffee during the day. I already time my morning physio circuit to when I know the towns lawn care people are NOT doing the boulevard and hedges in front of our house.

On top of that, switching shower times, getting out in the yard and not being in their way but still wanting to get some of our yard work done, feeling like I have to tip toe around the house (since they’ll be under it), leaving house untended with strangers for walks or errands, and the list goes on. The more I think about it, the more I worry that it will effect my anxiety and possibly my physical well being as well. I’m being anxious about being anxious….

All the little things that are going to be different on a daily basis for a while might end up causing a lot of temporary grief. Which by the way I can’t afford. During the work being done to the bottom of the house, there will be work going on in the back yard. The epic demolition of our current deck and the removal of two evil trees. Basically we’re getting rid of what the previous owner really screwed up (except he used only nails). Once the foundation is done and the old deck is old news it will be time to construct a masterpiece. All of which we are doing ourselves. I can’t afford to develop another case of high anxiety, worsened insomnia and/or another bad flare up from the lupus.

The deck needs to be finished by the end of June so we can do the big unveiling of the finished product as well as the REAL surprise. Also to celebrate Princess’ 6th birthday, my dad’s 55th birthday (his first after his wife leaving him) and good ol’ Canada day. A lot is riding on everything going smooth.

My fingers are tightly crossed (or as tight as I can get with no grip) that worrying and planning so much ahead of time will keep unexpected changes to a minimum but as anyone who’s dealt with renovations knows, something always comes up.


Right now I’ll be trying to focus on the wonderful end results and taking a bit of advice from Dan Millman (whose fictional character Socrates, not the Greek luminary, said this enlightened line).



2 thoughts on “Little changes can add up to a lot of stress

  1. I’ve been around construction crews plenty, and unlike movers, I don’t have to interact with them at all. The maintenance guy here just lets himself in. Sorta pisses me off because at some point they decided not to let me know beforehand, but I just hide out in my office until he leaves. Besides the noise, it’s like no one else is there. I think most contractors are insured, so if something happens to come up missing in the event you need to leave, it’ll be covered? It’ll be a pain, for sure, and it does often take a little longer than the original estimate when they really get into it, so plan for that and then maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised when they finish early. I hope it all goes smoothly! I’m sure it’s as nerveracking as it is exciting. It’ll be over before you know it, and you’ll have everything to show for the temporary grief 🙂

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    1. It’s probably just me overthinking things and once it’s started it won’t be as awkward as I expect, or at the very least, absolutely worth it in the end. I would have hit the maintenance man at our old place with a frying pan if he ever entered unexpected! Though I definitely agree, most of the time its just easier and most convenient to hide away in private till they’re gone.

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