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Mothers Day Mania

Na ya…. as my Omi would say. The closest ‘translation’ I could give her coined phrase would be my often used “Meh.” It’s not that the day has been particularly horrible or disastrous, but just more of the monotonous stressful shit the rest of the last week has been full of. Not really much of a special day if you ask me.

The exhaustion from my flare continuing (especially my poor hands), having a sinus infection that seems to be turning into a throat problem (better not be effing strep again), losing my voice, dealing with more nonsense from Buddy and school, tension between Mr. Mango and I AND the icing on the friggin cake, potty training…. is absolutely intolerable. I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to stay awake for more than 5 minutes the last couple days.

It’s not that the fam jam didn’t try to make the day a little special, and from each in their own way I was able to feel the love and appreciation.


An early jammies and cuddle night last night.


A lazy morning with some strong coffee, a long hot shower ( a rarity for this mom) and some very cute gifts (Little Dude insisted he had to draw me a snowman, what a weirdo!).


A short afternoon outing to pick up supper and an attempt at a photo op all together. That’s the best shot of em all, imagine what shenanigans were going on in the other ones!

Honestly I hope that when I look back on days like today that the pain, brain fog, stress and drama fade away and all the memories that stay are cute and funny.

Until then….


A big F U to this past week and fingers crossed for a good night sleep tonight!

Happy Mothers Day to all the Mama’s out there, hope you’ve enjoyed a fabulous day! xoxo


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