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I LOVE your hair!

Mr. Mango jokes with me all time time that if I don’t hear this at least once while we’re out, it must be time for a touch up or new colour all together. He honestly notices the stares, gawks and “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” more than I do, or at least he says they happen often, like I said I don’t really notice.

It’s not that I don’t get it, I do, my head usually looks kin to a fiery inferno, a Christmas tree, a candy stripe lolly pop, really any outrageous colour combo you can think of. I understand that that can be a lot to take in amidst a stream of natural tones. I know I stick out like a sore thumb. I’m a weird individual even without the funky hair, at least now people have the external excuse to assume so!



I’ve gone every colour in the rainbow at least once or twice. So far the only thing over the last 3 years since I started (I was the ‘pregnant, purple, people eater’ during my last months carrying Little Dude) I haven’t liked on my head is the regular auburn/brunette look I was sporting  over the Holidays this past year. YUCK! It just doesn’t suit me anymore.

It’s part of who I am right now and even though in a lot of ways I feel like I’m losing my identity it’s something I can keep up with relatively easy that keeps me being me.

While in a lot of photo ops, walks down the street or being stopped by old ladies in shops I’ve got my make up on, hair done (at the very least in a messy bun) and feel at least slightly presentable. I’m not shocked really when people mention it, ask what dye I use or my favourite; “oh how I wish I was young enough to pull that off” to which I answer “Oh you are, trust me, it’s in style for anyone of any age!” I’m not talking about people down career paths that frown on individual style (bright hair, tattoos, piercings etc) I’m talking the 90 year old ladies at Timmies the other day stopping me to marvel as I picked up my honey lemon tea.

It’s nice and all that they compliment it, I am much more comfortable with being complimented on something I can control and create as opposed to just being ‘pretty’ or ‘tall’. Still my favourite time to hear how much someone loves my hair is….


First thing in the morning! All 3 kids LOVE my bed head (always entertaining after a night of tossing and turning). The sincerity in Buddy’s voice when he exclaimed how awesome it was just made me laugh and I had to snap a selfie.

While it’s not how I’ll be leaving the house any time in the future I hope, it definitely made for a funny start to the morning. If they think it looks awesome, might as well rock it for a bit!


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