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Normal Sick?

Yesterday while I was busy rushing to get a late supper started Princess walks up to me with a snotty nose and a frog in her throat and point blank asks me “Can you still get sick? Like NORMAL sick?”

After blowing her nose for what must have been the hundredth time already that day I told her that yes indeed Mommy could also get the normal sick too. If anything, Mommy has to worry about getting a cold or flu a little more because of how her body works.

While generally my main concerns are that my body can fight the lupus, IBS, migraines, anxiety and other issues well enough to get through each day, I also know that the every day virus’ and bacteria can be a problem too. Growing up with a parent who has her own auto-immune disease along with taking immunosupressive medications taught me well. It made me well aware of the fact that the every day germs that give people with healthy immune a little sniffle or a couple days with a scratchy throat but can cause major havoc in the body of someone who’s immune system is already busy or suppressed.

I actually got lucky last time a virus hit our household. I somehow managed to get away with not catching it. This time around I haven’t been so lucky.

We do all the prep work of course. The kids, even Little Dude at 3 are well aware of how important hand washing is, we have sanitizer in a variety of places in the house for after nose blowing or when our one tiny washroom is busy and  everything from door knobs, light switches to counter tops are wiped down with disinfectant (vinegar, water and grapefruit seed extract usually) as often as possible. Most of the time it still feels like living in a tornado zone of clutter but we’ve got a pretty good handle on germs.

Lets face it though no amount of sanitation and disinfectant is going to prevent every bug that comes around. I’m a Mom. I blow noses, I wash hands, I handle the dirty laundry, I get puked on, I get pooped on, you name it, I’ve cleaned it up. I still give kisses and hugs at bed time (and morning wake up, and a variety of moments in between) and I still cuddle and soothe when life gets tough (like when snot covered Little Dude fell backwards off the deck yesterday). As a hands on parent, I can’t live in a bubble, those germs get in and I do end up getting sick. NORMAL sick.

So far this flare, I had gotten really lucky. Already fatigued, sore and stiff all over, glands swollen, nerve issues up the wazoo and a low grade fever, my body was in prime condition to contract all sorts of nonsense. I managed to stave off catching this thing for almost two weeks since Buddy first came home with it. It really was only a matter of time.

It probably also didn’t help pushing it too hard physically the other day and yesterday was an emotional roller coaster doing some parent-child talk therapy with Buddy after all the trouble we’ve been having. By the time the little ones were off to bed last night, I knew the cold/cough bug was working it’s way through my system.

Today is definitely a mandatory all out rest day. On top of everything I indeed am also normal sick.  I have a sore throat, a stuffy nose and my sinus’ are killing me. On top of the fact that the general aches and pains from that are piled on top of what I already was dealing with. But hey, at least we’re stuck in it all together. Lazy morning, lots of tea, blankets and cuddles. Princess pointed out that it’s time we watch our “Sick movie.” You know, we all have one, that movie or show that we reserve for hard times or when we’re down and out. Mine was always Titanic or the good old original Star Wars trilogy. For her its the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Once More With Feeling) which I am always more than willing to watch again….. and again.

Fingers crossed that all the preventative measures and now the restorative ones work well and this bug doesn’t turn into another infection, that’s the last thing we need around here. Hopeful, hopeful!

I do hope everyone else is having a fabulous Sunday! xoxo


2 thoughts on “Normal Sick?

  1. This was a really lovely post! I myself live with a chronic illness and when I have a cold I I always say I’m ” normal sick! ” to.also I’m married now and left home but the poorly movie brought back memories of when I was little and when me and mom got sick we would always put on Princes diaries lol I may have to make this a tradition again! You sound like a very lovely mommy. 🙂

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    1. I love the Princess diaries! I think I must sit down for a gal’s day with little Princess and watch it one of these days, it’s been so long. Thank you for stopping by. Take care. xoxo


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