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April 14th to 17th

PP: Both feet, both wrists, both hands, right shoulder, neck, red, irritated eyes, numbness in arms and legs, twitching back muscles, insomnia, anxiety (general), panic attacks, nausea, IBS-D, rash/itching.

DPR: It has been a very busy and hectic last few days. Honestly even if my health was better it would have been exhausting. I am paying for it now, I knew that I would and I still think it was worth it. Little Dude had a great birthday, he LOVED his cake and the whole family had fun celebrating. I’ve been having a hard time in the mornings my feet have been so swollen sore and stiff and it’s taking longer than usual to just get going. I know part of that is the lack of sleep and the spending a little more time on my feet than usual, but it’s been hard. I am hoping that now the last week is over and it’ll be a while before we have any other big plans or busy times (fingers crossed) so this week is pretty much rest and recover and get life back to ‘normal’.


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