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April 7th to 13th

PP: Right hip, pelvis, lower back, right tender abdomen, both feet, both wrists, right shoulder, neck, jaw, dry, irritated eyes, IBS, vasculitis, numb arms and fingers, insomnia, fatigue, general anxiety, panic attacks, weakness, dizziness.

DPR: This past week my anxiety and panic disorder have been more severe than they have been for years. It’s not like I’ve forgotten how it felt during the worst of it but I guess I just thought I had worked through it and it would never come back this hard. I was wrong. I am not sure if the physical pain and stiffness is a result of my mental issues putting more stress on my body or if both are independently flaring at the same time. Either way it has not been an easy last week on my body and mind. I did push it a little far on Saturday, but at this point I honestly think my general anxiety (mixed with cabin fever) would be even worse if I hadn’t have had some time to unload and distract. I am trying my best to take it easy now, though the less I do physically the more I stress about panic and boredom and stress are two epic triggers for it. I have to find the sweet spot between managing to be active with the fatigue but not too active it makes for more physical stress. Either way its a grin and bear it sort of time. Little Dude’s party tomorrow and a cake to finish making tonight. Slow and steady wins the race…


5 thoughts on “April 7th to 13th

  1. Y’know, I don’t think there is a perfect balance out there when it comes to fatigue and activity. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t, most of the time. I hope the party goes well and that little dude is happy little dude! At least if you feel awful, there will be cake 🙂

    R x

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    1. Haha, trust me the idea of buttercream covered funfetti cake is what is getting me through the day! You really are right though, there never really is a perfect balance, always consequences either way.


    1. Thanks 🙂 Honestly it helps with general anxiety but actively trying to meditate sometimes triggers an attack. I suppose its a classic case of if you try telling your brain to not think about something, of course that’s what it’ll think about. Listening to good music can help, concentrating on lyrics and rhythm. It’s distracting but not too active, at the very least it can make the recovery after an episode faster and less intense.

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