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Time to celebrate!

Yesterday was hard, but it’s over. Now whether I’m ready or not, it’s time to put on my big girl pants, put on a brave smile and get ready to party.

There are certain parts of my life that no matter how mentally or physically ill I get (or am at the time) I am not willing to sacrifice or skip. Even when life is cruel and puts the death of a family member smack dab right next to the birth of a new one.

In order to get in the mood, or rather make it through this morning without passing right back out or welling up from more tears I spent a good while slowly going through photos taken over the last 3 years. Not only did it bring back a flood of good memories, but it really reminded me how far Little Dude has come (and how he’s not so little any more).


It had been a rough couple weeks in and out of the hospital after my water had spontaneously broke (which we are now questioning having been related to my now lupus diagnosis, wow wish someone could have pointed that out back then) much too early. I got shot up with antibiotics, given steroids to help his lungs grow and put on bed rest to try and keep him in as long as possible. The fact that we managed to make it a week and a half is actually pretty good, but that still meant he was coming far too early.

It truly was one of the scariest moments ever. Knowing this tiny little baby was going to pop out and might not be ok. That we might not get to hold him, take him home, feed him. All the worries any parents of premie’s go through. To this day I am thankful that while tiny he was, he was the healthiest little tike there ever was. To this day he has been beating the odds all the doctors put forward.

At the beginning though, we sure did have to get creative, like the nurses having to help us figure out how to ‘legally’ get the little guy home in the first place.


In the beginning he spent most of his time either eating or tucked away close to Mom. He was so small that most people didn’t even realize there was a baby there.



He grew and grew, but still compared to Princess and Buddy seemed so small.


Being a premie didn’t hold him back, he hit his milestones right on time. For the most part, doing it with a smile.


First birthday came, and so did walking. This requiring lots of baby proofing, man was he into EVERYTHING!


Still spending quite a lot of time with Mommy though (that’s the same wrap, best baby investment ever), even if Princess also feels like joining in for a ride.


He’s a creative one, always willing to do the dirty work. He especially loves to paint turtle shells. He made the perfect little Mikey for Mr. Mango’s big 30 TURTLE POWER BASH!


Then 2 came, and boy did this boy start to talk. Hasn’t stopped since!


He may be getting big and strong, but still need a little help once in a while. Mommy’s sure glad he’s a little wary of fire!


Selfies are his favorite way to calm down. Both mine and Mr. Mango’s phones are full of them, its amazing how they calm the terrible two monster when he decides to rage.


Most recently he’s embraced his inner Elton John, borrowing his sisters jacket and shades.


And a big thumbs up for turning 3.

It’s funny how life doesn’t ever turn out exactly how you expected or even how you wanted but once your life changes and you get blessed with unexpected challenges, you can’t imagine life any other way.

Since it’s only Wednesday, we’re not doing much partying today. This gives me a couple more day’s to get myself together and slowly tackle the cake. Over the last two days I’ve slowly made the fondant (there’s only so much kneading my hands can handle  at once), baking will be later today and construction tomorrow.

Like I said earlier, I don’t ever want my illnesses to get in the way of those few important things in life, and making my kids birthdays special is one of those things. It’s not always easy and sometimes it requires a fake smile until a real one appears, but that’s just the way it goes now I guess.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE DUDE!!!!! Mommy couldn’t be more proud of you! Love lotsa lotsa!


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