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Time to get organized!

It has truly been a long time coming. I’ve been talking to Mr. Mango about it for almost a year now, and that was many many pills, capsules and tablets ago. Yesterday I finally hobbled myself over to the pharmacy aisle of the department store and picked up a medication organizer (or pill planner as this one is called).


I have a travel pill case for my ‘in the moment’ needs while out and about, but other than that up until now I’ve painstakingly gone through the process of grabbing everything straight from bottle, multiple times a day.

Not only is this method ridiculously time consuming (I often have to yell out to the family at meal time “hold on Mommy forgot her meds” rushing to grab them all while they all patiently wait to start eating) but it is also a lot of work for my poor little hands.

If there’s one area of my body that really has drastically gotten worse over the last couple months, it’s my hands. Not only do they experience more pain than before but I have lost a great deal of grip strength and they spasm and go numb often. This happens a lot more when I end up pushing them more than I should.  Which as a busy mom, cook, baker, candle stick maker (ok that one not so much anymore) I end up doing almost every day already. Why am I wasting precious time, energy and strength on opening and closing 18 pill bottles a day?

Not anymore!



Sunday morning is now my weekly refill time. Once a week, that’s it, apart from the ‘when needed’ medications.

Not only does it have 4 slots per day (a necessity since drug interactions mean that a lot of the supplements and prescriptions need to be timed carefully apart from each other) but after opening it, I noticed the little suckers pop out of their day so I don’t even have to have the whole thing out (I guess I had forgotten it was written right there on the packaging). I just have to pull out each day in the morning and there it is! I think this will also prove useful when having to go out. No more having to throw them all in an empty bottle to chuck in my purse and hope for the best.


Another huge plus is it takes away the risk of either forgetting completely to take them (usually how the rushing before meals happens) or the risk of double dosing because I forgot that I indeed HAD taken them already.

My memory is not what it used to be, heck for all I know I wrote this post once already this morning and completely forgot…. hmm guess not.

Anything that is going to help both physically and mentally make life even a little bit easier is something to be thankful for. So far, one of the easiest and most cost effective helpful switches I’ve had to make for my health. More are definitely to come….


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