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A Friday night to remember

It has been a ridiculously busy weekend, and on top of it I feel like I’m being torn limb from limb, everything hurts. BUT I was bound and determined to make the most of the opportunity to get out and have some fun.

For the first time since Little Dude was a little baby my dad took the kids for a sleep over and we had an evening out in the city. A little different than last time for the wedding, this time it was less formal, less scheduled and a LOT more crazy.

It started out by heading to Rumors Comedy Club to catch the early show and grab some eats. It had been over 10 years since Mr. Mango or I had been there so needless to say we were excited, even more so because after doing a little research about the headlining comedian (Greg Morton) we knew that we would enjoy.

He did his famous Star Wars bit along with discussing the woes of going to see the newest flick in theaters stuck next to little kids that had me laughing myself almost under the table.(probably because it explained exactly why we didn’t take the little tots with us). As if that wasn’t enough, he also did a bit on my other all time favorite trilogy and in the process of “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” he managed to break the ceiling above himself which ended with some pretty awesome improvisations.

After the show the small band of us decided to head out for some more fun. While normally around this time I would be taking my night time meds and winding down, this rare occasion the night was just starting. We’re not much into the bar scene but we decided to head down to a newly opened place where we knew a member of the band that was playing.

photo credit Nashville’s  facebook page

Not only was one of our best bud’s having an awesome birthday celebration but we managed to run into one of my old friends and dance partner, meaning putting my already sore little footsies through even more. It was amazing, I two stepped, triple stepped and line danced myself into a giddy stooper. Needless to say, the pain medications were working over time and I probably shouldn’t have been even standing at that point, but I took the chance, after all it’s not the kind of thing I  do often. It’s not easy to line dance or triple to metal, at least not without being looked at a little funny.

same as above

While Mr. Mango isn’t much for the dancing, he did try and it seemed like he was enjoying himself chatting away during the band’s break with the bass player who he has known for ever. Over the years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen him have such a good time while listening to country or being in a hick bar.

Since staying there as long as we did was definitely more for my sake than the boys, they decided that afterwards it was on to finish up the night somewhere more their style. By that I mean a gentleman’s club (yea just a nice way to say strip club).

No pictures from that point on for obvious reasons, but it was a good time. It’s not most women’s idea of a good time but I never really mind. I’ve always been one of the guys and nudity isn’t really a problem, heck I give credit to someone who is able to shake it all in front of a crowd of drooling onlookers while keeping composed. Not to mention the muscles it takes to climb that pole. Anyways, it wasn’t my birthday so wasn’t up to me. I had a good time and walked away with a free poster after participating in a banana toss (definitely not the most exciting thing to happen to a banana that night though).

By the time we crawled into bed at 5 am I could already barely move. Saying I over did it would be an understatement. I was ready to collapse.

What you don’t see in the pictures, the smiles and the attitude. What you wouldn’t hear when I talked, sang or cheered. I was in pain. The whole time. This was the first time in a long while that I didn’t cancel plans or at the very least make excuses for why I can’t participate, have to leave early or for spending time on the phone, in the bathroom or running to the car as an excuse to rest. Instead I suffered through it all, on purpose.

I can count on one hand how many times in the last 3 years I have really just let lose and literally said to myself “to hell with it”. Being chronically ill physically has made me a much more reserved person. Not because I’ve toned it down or because I am more reserved now but out of necessity. My body just can’t handle it. My mind though, honestly, needs to just let it go once in a while. Be me, have fun, let loose, screw the consequences.

I needed that night. I needed it to be that fun, that exciting, that active. I may be dealing with the consequences for a while and I definitely need to be careful with energy this coming week but I do not regret it. My physical illness may make my body not appreciate it, but my mind is thanking me for it. My anxiety and depression have been not well controlled the last month or so, mostly due to weather, physical pain and being stuck in a rut (really the only way I can put it to words). This weekend’s festivities were a way to mix it up and get the juices flowing. Even though it is yet again cloudy and snowing (usually something that makes my mind hate me) I feel emotionally and mentally much lighter than the past weeks.

More than anything, it made for some amazing memories. We’ve been close to the birthday boy for many years and have racked up quite a few epic moments. This night definitely matches up. It was a night to remember!


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