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April 1st to 6th

PP: Tension headache, feet, lower back, right pelvis/hip, wrists, anxiety, insomnia, vasculitis (mostly upper body), jaw.

DPR: The weather has really been playing tricks from mild to cold/blizzardy back and forth every two days and my body keeps trying to play catch up. The over all pain has actually been a little lighter  than the past weeks other than the headaches that come and go. That is up until last night. I can’t even get into the stress of it all but I know the relief from stiffness and lessened pain is short lived. On Monday I finally managed to pick up two new pairs of shoes. One for outdoor walking around town and errands and one for indoor workouts and physio. I will be writing about it more once I’ve spent some more time using them but so far so good. I’m hoping that giving up my barefoot shoes will have some positive effects on my feet while not bringing back the pain in my knees and back that the vibrams helped so much before.


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