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“Fooled you!” – Mother Nature


Yesterday there was no need for our family to pull the usual little jokes on eachother. Just as Mr. Mango arrived home (a couple hours early to surprise us) it started to snow…. Again.

Mother Nature’s cruel April fools day trick. It’s no joke though, this is the third time in the last month that everything is ALMOST all melted and another north wind comes in, bringing on the cold, snow and ice. Just peaking out the back door to snap a shot was unbelievably depressing.

Even so I was determined to continue the April tradition of starting our seeds for this year as well as barbecue for supper.

Mr. Mango came up with a genius solution for forgetting what it was like outside, at least temporarily.




While during the summer months I’m usually smart enough to wear a pair of gardening gloves, they are frozen stuck in our tool shed. Still nothing quite beats the feeling of fresh soil underneath my finger nails. Oh wait, clean fingernails.

It was worth it though because I got a great headstart on a lot of the crops that take months and months to grow. One complication with living so far North is we have to get a little creative when it comes to making sure we can harvest before snow and frost set in, in Fall.


They may not look like much but they’ve got it where it counts.

At least I was able to get that part of the tradition done (with minimal issues other than having to sit down every damn 5 minutes because my back or shoulder would give out) unfortunately part number two was a no go. Our poor little barbecue was out of propane.

Instead we fake grilled some chicken in the oven AKA bake and then broil on high the crap out of it till it looks like it’s been over a flame.


It really was a delicious meal. At this point diet wise I’m trying to go through different sources of fat/fiber that don’t revolve around dousing everything in olive oil or butter or chugging down thick orange flavored supplements. It’s proving to be a little taxing to find a mix I like, while I’m not a big fan of most nuts on their own, throwing them on top of a salad has left me happily surprised. The best part is it doesn’t seem to upset my IBS (like eating a handful plain would).

So even with cruddy weather, it felt relatively like spring. Screw you Mother Nature, you can’t bring me down!

Well that’s how I felt until 2:51 this morning after a horrid 1 hour and 32 minutes of sleep I gave up. The insomnia is getting worse again and it’s really starting to wear me down, even more than usual. I was no longer feeling confident that I had beaten the bad weather.

Generally the best sleep of my day/night is the last hour before having to get up, so I usually miss the sunrise, at least for most of the year when it’s either too early and my blackout curtains remedy the glare or it’s the dead of winter and it doesn’t show itself until late morning.


While the rooftops are all blanketed in snow again, it is a crystal clear morning and the sun is bright. Here’s hoping  that THIS time when all the white shit melts, it’ll stay gone. April fool’s day is over, no more nonsense!



4 thoughts on ““Fooled you!” – Mother Nature

    1. I find softer nuts like pecans and cashews don’t cause as much problems, if I have almonds I prefer to buy slivers/ crushed so half the digestion process is already done for me 😛 I think mixing them with greens helps by adding a completely different source and type of fiber, but who knows maybe it’s just magic! Have a great weekend!!

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