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March 28th to 31st

PP: Migraine (with aura, nausea, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity and food aversion), right hip, pelvis and hip flexor, sciatica, vasculitis pain (much milder now), both knees, both feet, right shoulder, right wrist, IBS C, anxiety (panic attacks AND general), insomnia.

DPR: It’s absolutely true that you can get to the point where you’re so tired  you can’t sleep. While usually when my migraines hit all I want to do is head to fluffy pillow and sleep it away. Right now it seems I can’t. Not only does the anxiety make it impossible to fall asleep easy even with the amatriptyline (that normally completely can knock me out within about one and a half hours of taking it) but the throbbing pain and nausea from the migraine and the re-appearance of sciatic pain running down my leg makes it so I’m tossing and turning from the second I lay down. It’s made me a little down about being put on the amatriptyline in the first place. I was hesitant enough to go on an antidepressant to begin with but I’ve taken it before (like we’re talking over a decade ago) for sleep help and anxiety and it didn’t have much in the way of severe side effects so I figured I’d give it a try again. Not to mention there are some people who have great results with it also helping their IBS (though usually people that suffer from D more than C) as well as migraine prevention so hey its a win all around right? Well not so far. I know it can take weeks for many drugs to really start to work for chronic conditions but its been a couple already and if anything, its raging on worse into a longer flare instead of dying off. I am trying to be objective that this week is crap for a trial period with all the kids home for spring break all with a cold/cough AND a major case of cabin fever because our town is a big mud/snow pile still. Its also quite possible my hormones are at play, I skipped a period, not just late but apparently I got all the PMS with none of the after show. Not that I’m excited or anything to deal with Aunt Flow but usually after she’s gone everything calms down a bit. It’s urked me enough to google chances of pregnancy after vasectomy, 2-10/1000 in case you wanted to know. Which really didn’t make me feel any better, long story short we’ve pretty much managed to accidentally get pregnant with every contraceptive in the book, including being told I was unable to get/hold a pregnancy (after which we’ve had two babies). While the rest of my body is a shitty piece of work, apparently my uterus defies all odds and still is a fertile garden. What’s to say Mr. Mango doesn’t have super sperm too. Anyways, realistically it’s super unlikely, just another thing to drive my anxious brain crazy.


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