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Spring break isn’t going so great for the Mango clan

It’s not like we made some big, epic plans or anything. Little Dude isn’t even 3 yet so any long (as in more than the 3 1/2 hours to the MIL’s or our camp spot) road trip is out. As well, the older two have been at each others throats the last couple weeks so the idea of being stuck in a car, hotel or any other space where they’re together sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Still I didn’t expect everything to be in utter chaos by Tuesday afternoon.

All 3 tid-bits are under the weather. Its not that epic flu that’s been going around though. Which would be awful I admit, for about a day but then they’d be getting better. No it’s one of those slow sneaky cough/colds that last an eternity and just when you think you’re in the clear it comes back with a vengeance. It’s not terrible enough to have them in bed with a movie but it’s rough enough they are irritable, unhappy and not on the best of their behavior.

They are miserable and boy oh boy are they taking it out on each other. I’ve been upgraded from Mother of 3 quirky little ‘darlings’ to warden of 3 violent and abusive inmates. Solitary confinement so far seems to be the only solution that brings a moment of peace.

Personally, I’m hoping all I have is the cold and not that this indeed is warning of another difficult flare starting. The debilitating fatigue is back (the fact that I’m sitting upright and putting words together is actually miraculous in and of itself), my whole body feels like lava is running through my veins at the same time as being dunked in a tank of ice water and my brain has decided to take a vacation.

A huge complication of any auto-immune disease is that while your body is busy fighting itself it doesn’t have the time or energy to fight all those pesky virus’ that come home from school, work or the grocery store. I end up either getting sick and it being twice as bad or twice as long as everyone else OR the stress of being under the weather, or dealing with the kids  being under the weather triggers a flare… or both.

Thankfully Mr. Mango has an amazing immune system, he’s one of those people who will get sick one morning, get worse over the day, be almost dead in the evening, go to bed early and then wake up the next morning perfectly healthy.

I don’t know what I’d do if I had to deal with a big ol’ case of the man flu (I never said he was easy to deal with on that ONE evening where he feels like death) on top of everything else. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t take time off work this week. He’s safer there!

Meanwhile now that the  midday pain meds and a hot bowl of chicken soup have been polished off back to prison guard duty. Sounds like Princess and Little Dude are having disputes about an alleged choo-choo train robbing.

Fingers crossed there is no biting involved…. this time. Is today over yet?




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