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March 23rd to 27th

PP:Both feet, both calves (left is much, much worse), both wrists, right lower back/hip, right abdomen, IBS-C, anxiety, panic attack, tension headache, insomnia, dry and irritated eyes, vasculitis pain and numbness (worse than normal especially when active or when anxiety hits at night).

DPR: It has been a tough few days. Not only because it’s been super busy and I’ve had to fake happy and healthy much more and much longer than usual (and much more than IS healthy or happy) and on top of it all my anxiety and panic attacks have decided to make a dent in the little bit of down and sleep time I’ve had. It’s not abnormal this time of year though, around Easter was when the panic attacks started (at 11 years old) and now I think it’s a mix of that and my minds way of separating the anniversary of the death of my young cousin and the birth of my third child (which were less than 24 hours apart), I think about it most as our family gathers for the holiday. Over the last couple days I’ve felt like I’m about to catch a cold/flu, I am hoping that that is exactly what it is and not a sign of things about to be getting worse.


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