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No no no I’ll do it myself… I have my pride you know

The mother in law has landed. She ended up being here an hour early and although I was covered in dust head to toe (from trying to finish some last minute cleaning that turned into a whole re-organization of our storage/laundry room) and probably had turkey gizzards in my hair, it didn’t matter. If there’s one thing about Mr. Mango’s mom to note it’s that she’s a pretty rad laid back lady.

Still, that’s the woman that birthed and raised my partner, of course I want to be at my best. Hence the big turkey dinner. We’ve missed the last 3 Easter weekends with her due to either her work schedule, bad weather or my health. This time she came to us and I wasn’t going to let any flare get in the way of having one this year.

The bird came out of the oven perfect!


Unfortunately being caught up with chatting and finishing the cleaning it completely escaped my mind that we were in fact supposed to be having more than just turkey for supper. The plan was for some mashed potatoes, french cut beans and my famous cauliflower dish, the only thing I was ready for was the gravy!

Frantically I chopped the vegetable, got the oven going again, boiled the water etc. Adrenaline was definitely my friend here because I was so incredibly aware I had no spoons left what so ever.

Even still when MIL came into the kitchen and asked if I needed any help I replied with something along the lines of “Nonono, no help needed, I’ve got everything under control.”

Stupid pride.

Later on after a very very late supper (which still turned out to be marvelous) we all were relaxing and watching the movie Robots while the kids were winding down.

This one part had the kids, Mr. Mango and his mother all in stitches, they thought the whole thing was hilarious but for me it wasn’t till about the last 15 seconds that I began to laugh.

Because I can relate!


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