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Light Speed Home…. at 40 km/h

As we headed out of the city late this evening Mr. Mango looked over at me and says “Hey look hun, LIGHT SPEED!”

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“What are the chances we end up right in the middle of an asteroid field?”


The fact that he grasps not only my morbid sense of humor AND my insane love of STAR WARS amazes me sometimes. Especially when he also understand that this sort of banter is the best (more like only) way to calm my anxiety in moments like this.

I hate highway driving. I hate highway driving at night. I HATE highway driving, at night, in an almost white out blizzard.

Not to friggin’ mention, it is spring, this nonsense should be done with!

The usual 40 minute drive took almost an hour and a half, but we did make it home safe and sound without almost hitting anything. Which is a valid concern by the way, with how many stray dogs, crazy old ladies and stir crazy wildlife are around. We’ve had quite a few near misses over this winter as well as last fall when the Imperial Star Destroyer (aka our minivan) decided to have a run in with a deer while it was still new enough to have that ‘new car’ smell.

Now it is time to take my meds, wait for supper to be done (better late than never) and put my very sore, very swollen feet up.





3 thoughts on “Light Speed Home…. at 40 km/h

    1. Thank you, we’re the lucky ones, apparently more than a few people ended up in the ditch on that very highway. This morning there now looks to be another 6 inches of snow, it looks absolutely stunning…. that is if it was December instead!

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      1. I remember driving along one of the autobahns in Germany and the snow was about twelve inches deep…everyone was creeping their car along! There were slid marks every so often and every few yards a car in the ditch. Gosh, I was so nervous and glad I wasn’t the one driving. We eventually got home safely, I was so relieved! I’m glad we don’t have that much snow where I am in England. I agree, it looks stunning during Christmas – but the end of March?! 😮

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