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My way or the long, windy, bumpy back road on a unicycle…

UGH. Today has been a frustrating one. I love Mr. Mango, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes he can just grind my gears.


After a hellish morning getting going (Mr. Mango surprised me with a day off for spontaneous ‘fun’),the kids acting like they’ve forgotten how to get ready for school and almost being late to the doctors because Little Dude was offered “IF” he wanted to put his pants on before we could go, I was late for the doctors AND forgot all my meds, which I was supposed to bring for an update on the charts (the bag with all of them sitting on my counter).

Like I said I love Mr. Mango. He just happens to not quite understand that the way I do things isn’t just a personal preference.

It’s not that I get the kids to get dressed before breakfast because I like it that way, its because if they doddle eating, they end up either being late for the bus or going to school still wearing half their pajamas.

It’s not that I face dishes in the dry wrack a certain way because I’m a lefty, its because it was MADE that way to hold more dishes and keep them from avalanche-ing back into the sink..

I’m not just deciding to be a bitch about how the laundry, cleaning, cooking and other things around the house because I feel like that or because I’m pointlessly picky its because I spend all day every day here and I’ve found the best and most convenient ways to get things done and that’s the way it gets done 99% of the time.


Mr. Mango is bound and determined that I’m just a control freak and that it’s not necessary to do everything ‘just so’. I think this is the one area where I have trouble with his understanding of what it means to suffer from a chronic illness.

Doing things properly the first time means not having to do it twice and getting things done in the most convenient and easy way means less time and energy spend on chores and errands. Less chance of causing a flare. More time to do things I/WE actually want to do (or more time/energy to do other things that need to get done). When you only have so many ‘spoons’ a day, you learn to do things right, it becomes not just the best option but the only one to let you get through the day.

I consider ‘my way’ the highway, the fastest route from A to B. I consider his usual ways the looooooooong back road, maybe getting lost and having to backtrack…. oh yea and on a unicycle (I’ve seen him try to ride one multiple times, HILARIOUS).

It is only 5pm and I am exhausted. Supper is half made. The kids are  hyper and drawing all over our table, dishes to be done, laundry to be folded and I’m ready to give up and crawl into bed. That’s what happens when we do it ‘his way’ for a day.

Did I mention that his next big happy surprise is that his mother is driving out to visit us for Easter weekend? Yea, he sprung that little nugget on me this afternoon. If I had it my way, I’d have taken the 2 weeks notice he’s had, to prepare, but hey that’s just me…. The control freak.


3 thoughts on “My way or the long, windy, bumpy back road on a unicycle…

  1. I go through this with my husband too. I’ve asked him for help in the past, but I find myself hovering and picking on his technique. “Dude, why do you clean the floors first, and then clean the counters off? That means you gotta clean the floor twice.” I suppose that does make me a bitch, but hey, I was just trying to help him out 😉

    Good luck with the visitor! I’m sure she won’t care if everything isn’t perfect. You’ve got your hands full and from where I sit, you’re doing a fine job.

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    1. Thank you! I know what you mean, all that runs through my head is ‘I’m just trying to help make it easier!’ Maybe it’s also part being a woman too 😛

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