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March 16th to 22nd

PP: Right back, hip and lower back, both feet, wrists and hands, vasculitis, swollen, irritated eyes, IBS-C, heartburn, night time anxiety and panic attacks.

DPR: My SI, sciatic nerve and pelvic area has been killing me. I wake up with it in the morning, it stays with me all day, I go to bed with it at night and it leaves me tossing and turning. Even with the amatryptaline that has so far been reliable for bumping my sleep average from 2 1/2 hours to 5 hours a night has not been able to help get and keep me at rest. Because of this my anxiety has been peaked (along with a missed period, which seems to send my hormones into a funk making everything worse) so not only am I in pain, but my heart is racing and panic attacks do not even let my mind rest. On top of that all, the IBS-C that seems to accompany both hormone issues and worsening pain elsewhere has made me even more cranky and sore and is the reason I am hesitant to use codine or any other opioid medication for the pain because it only aggravates the constipation. Like I mentioned in a previous post I am trying to start up my physio regularly and I’m hoping it helps with my SI. I am also adding in more carbs to my diet, slowly adding back in food after the cleanse has been going decently well, but I’ve yet to add in a lot of my regular (to keep regular haha) sources of startches and fibers and I’m hoping they (along with drowning myself with water) can help there too.


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