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5 second rule pizza and a whole lotta laughs

Today started off with a shit load of pain. I’m not even going to bother sugar coating it. The last couple days have reminded me that indeed, I am not cured or lupus free or even on the right mix of meds to take away the worst of it. Another day, another flare… but at least the french braids that my hair have been up in (to prevent the worst of the nausea effecting my locks, along with lack of effort in brushing, combing and prep work) made for some pretty awesome curls.


I had no idea when I dragged myself out of bed and made myself presentable that today would be as busy as it was. It was supposed to be relatively laid back. A short trip into town for a couple groceries and back home for a simple supper and relaxing evening in hopes of feeling better for the week ahead.

No such luck.

A looooooong grocery trip in the city followed by one of the most labor intensive suppers we make.  PIZZA! Which I made not once, not twice but three times.

The first dough was a bust, it burnt, it deflated, it was un-salvageable. The second batch looked funny while rising.  After the first batch, I was so nervous about having messed up again that I made a third which after all turned out not to be needed because the second batch turned out perfect after all.

It finally felt as though the pain and trials were going to be worth it…. BAM!!! Mr. Mango’s favorite pizza was cheese face down on the kitchen floor.

After a shriek and some unfortunate tears, we managed to work together to shimmy and shake it onto a cutting board and right side up it again. 5 second rule right?


Not too shabby, huh?

Now, most people would ask why bother with pizza from scratch when we could order in. Our answers would be A) We live in a small town where less than 500 people inhabit it during the winter months, there is no place to order in and B) eating wheat free can be a bitch…. no other way to put it. The only way to make it taste decent (nay, amazing, now that we’ve perfected it…. most of the time) is to make it from scratch.

After filling our bellies, watching an old movie I love enough I named my oldest after the main character (8 seconds, I’ll let you guess at the name) and a ton of laughs at Little Dude deciding to ‘tart’ all over his brother and sister over and over again, it’s finally time to wind down and relax like we initially planned.

By no means was today easy or painless, but I think the hardship and undoubtedly the extra pain tomorrow will be worth it. After all, Mr. Mango was able to get this shot in the midst of the pizza panic.


Lots of laughs along with it all, even if by the end of the day I dropped a pizza, my hair went flat (Man I hate that!) and my kids went to bed late. I still managed to smile.


5 thoughts on “5 second rule pizza and a whole lotta laughs

  1. Holy wow, I think I have a crush on your hair 😉

    Homemade pizzas really are the best! Floor pizza could be a new thing. I’d eat it! I need to find a decent gluten free dough recipe. I make the pizzas, but don’t eat ’em. I think that needs to change. 🙂


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