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What the F mother nature!

Just yesterday morning, our backyard was a giant puddle, almost all the snow had melted. It was mucky and wet, sure, but it was also mild and felt like spring was right around the corner (which would make it really darn early for northern Manitoba).

This morning I woke up to THIS.


It started yesterday afternoon as light little puffs that melted as soon as they hit the ground and slowly as the evening went on it turned into “Christmas snow” as Princess put it. Clearly over night it has stayed cold enough that now we’re re-living November all over again!

Now it all makes sense why my migraine hit so suddenly yesterday. I can prepare for many triggers but random weather changes are hard to avoid.

WebMD states “One leading evolutionary theory is that getting a headache is a protective mechanism against adverse environmental stressors. The theory goes that headache pain would cause someone to seek a safer, more hospitable environment. The fact that changes in weather and extremes in heat and cold cause headache, some experts believe, gives credence to this theory.”

It makes sense. I mean migraine/headache or not, the smart thing is to hide from the storm, right?

Alas, this cold front is supposed to last for a few days so either my head is going to keep pounding through it, or I’ll have a repeat of yesterdays massive head splitting experience when the warm weather and rain come in, in a week or so.


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