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My oh my, migraine!

SMACK! It’s like my head was run over by a semi.

Usually I’m pretty lucky, in that there are warning signs so I can prepare a bit. Nausea, neck tension, vision issues, worse tinnitus, light and smell sensitivity are all little warning signs that I might be having a migraine in the very near future.

So far I’ve been unlucky in being able to stop one right in it’s tracks, but I have gotten good enough (or lucky enough) to be able to make them more manageable by using some pretty basic tricks.

  • Taking pain medication right as soon as the signs show themselves. No risk taking, hoping it’ll go away on its own. It doesn’t and I’m always worse off when I try to be strong and brave about it.
  • A strong cup of coffee, espresso is even better. Some people trigger migraines with caffeine, while others it can actually help. I am one of the latter group, at least if I catch it in time (if not the strong taste and smell makes the nausea much worse).
  • Loud music and dim lights. This also can be very individual. It may seem counter-intuitive to turn up the tunes, but in my case it prevents SUDDEN loud noises from being as jarring and with 3 little ones under 10 running around the house, a lot of those happen. A steady loudness of something I like along with dimming the lights keeps away the intense throbbing that comes along with yelling, crashing and booming.
  • Cold pack on the back of neck. I have a love hate relationship here, I know it helps but I hate the cold (go figure where I live right?). While heat is soothing, in the end it causes even more blood flow, the cold helps numb the area and shrink the blood vessels, again meaning less throb.
  • Neck massage and/or stretches. While neither thing can prevent a migraine of mine from getting worse, sometimes they are the only thing that can help me from balling my eyes out in a dark corner of the house. Mr. Mango is an absolute angel when he comes to my aide here, something I definitely miss when he’s working and doing it myself just doesn’t cut it.
  • Water, water and more water. Flush out toxins and keep hydrated since migraines really kill my appetite and crying also creates a lot of dehydration.
  • Fresh air. Not something that’s feasable here in the great white north all year round (at least without the heating bill sky-rocketing or risking pneumonia). Out of all the tips here, this one is the most likely to help, dare I say even ALMOST stop a migraine, if its early enough. Just sitting and relaxing in a shady spot outside is immensely helpful.

In the end though, there are days like today where it just hits, out of nowhere and I am powerless to do anything but give in to it. On days like today there is only one thing I can do that helps (along with trying some/all of the tips above if possible) and that’s to put on Dan Gibson’s Angels Embrace album. I don’t know why this one does the trick and others do not, but it’s been my go to since…. well since I started getting migraines as a pre-teen.

Fingers crossed it does the trick and I can make it through this long evening with Mr. Mango working over time, some nasty weather outside and all 3 munchkins feeling icky.

Anyone got any other go-to migraine relief tips?


7 thoughts on “My oh my, migraine!

  1. You must be Wonder Woman! 3 kids+migraine+everything else=yowzas!

    I keep flax & lavender eye pillows in the freezer, then use them to freeze my eyes out. Couple minutes on, couple minutes off. They stay cold for about 30 minutes, so I swap them out as needed. Some scents bother me when I’ve got a migraine, but lavender seems to be okay. It really does help knock down the intensity, along with a cold pack on my neck.

    The noise helps me too! I have a HEPA filter that I turn on high for the white noise. And here I thought I was just a weirdo. 😉


    1. It’s funny how individual migraine relief for everyone who suffers. Proof that we all need to really use trial and error to figure out our triggers and fixes. Here’s hoping neither of us have to deal with another migraine for a good long while!

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