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March 13th – 15th

PP: Vasculitis pain ALL OVER, right hip, both feet, right wrist and hand, both elbows, upper back, IBS-C, jaw, irritated eyes.

DPR: Recovering from this weekends excursion has been exhausting and painful, thankfully my anxiety has at least been manageable (at least compared to before Saturday). The pain and fatigue however are difficult to handle. I’m not sure if it’s made worse by the fact that shark week is supposed to be right now (I know the IBS sure is, like always). It always seems that when it’s late the PMS and other symptoms are worse and longer lasting, but who knows. The kids all have the sniffles so Mommy duty seems twice as busy (not to mention now I’m bound to get sick). Lots of cuddles, songs and quiet time too though, so feeling the love, even if it’s from a bunch of cranky pants. It mainly just feels like this week is going to be long, long and painful it seems.


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