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March 7th – 12th

PP: Both knees, both feet (front and arch), vasculitis in upper body, tension headache ( by evening every day), IBS -C, skin irritation, irritated eyes, insomnia, anxiety, right wrist, elbow and shoulder.

DPR: The pain over the last week has been relatively steady in the same spots and hasn’t been playing its usual run from joint to joint games. My hips are still feeling great, its been weeks without them paining me like they used to, if the Planquenil is to blame for this, and it’s the only benefit it still makes it so worth it. I had been getting crap sleep and the pain is always worse when on top of fatigue I can’t sleep more than an hour or two. I have been feeling well enough to get in my physio on most days and get in my steps ( I even won a workweek hustle on Fitbit :P, its been forever since I’ve even participated!).  My anxiety has been really elevated, which I know at least partially has to do with my mother being back in my life, but I had gotten used to it being lower and I think it’s to blame for the headaches. It means that my doc appointment and new prescriptions came at exactly the right time. Will see how the new meds work, I am hopeful, overall the fact that on Wednesday I was able to get all that stuff done makes even the painful parts of the week seem worth it. Yesterday was first day on them after getting to the pharmacy so will have to update on how they seem after a while. For now just recovering from how busy it was. A lazy Sunday today.


3 thoughts on “March 7th – 12th

  1. I know someone with Lupus who has been taking plaquenil for quite a while, and she said it has made all of the difference. She still has some pain, but is able to function MUCH better with it. Here’s to hoping it works just as well for you! 🙂


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