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Adventures of Doctor Day

Today started off HORRIBLE. Ok, well it could have been worse…. but I was being a grouch about it. Not only was I extremely stiff getting up, coffee wasn’t made yet and my special  bracelet from Princess broke!


I have worn it for almost 3 years straight (minus X rays and the occasional time I by accident mixed it up with the hair tie that frequents my left wrist as well). I don’t know exactly why it meant so much, but it was a gift from my little girl because she wanted Mommy to always feel pretty. It became a kind of good luck charm.

Starting off sore, un-caffinated and without my little piece of juju I wasn’t exactly pumped about the day.

Today’s trip into town was for an appointment with my initial intake doctor for when I hit the E.R. for my hand. After calling to book today’s time the receptionist made sure to give me an earful on how he isn’t taking new patients and he can’t be my PCP, but she’ll make an exception this time, for my sake. To put it politely I simply wasn’t looking forward to dealing with her or for having to tip toe around the subject of pain medication with a doctor who was busy and booked up solid. Alas, it needed to be done.

Bracelet-less but at least at this point all java-ed up we got there just in time. The last time I was there the lights in the office triggered an insanely horrible migraine, so I was glad to this time be able to talk with the doc without having to wince in pain. Thankfully the rheumatologist had sent over all my files and an attached note saying to discuss anti-depressants and possible pain relief so I had relatively little explaining to do.

We talked, I talked about what I had researched and he got out his pen and prescription pad and started scribbling away. The only stipulation he had was that I should be asking for more potent pain medication than I was…. WHAT?

After explaining that I felt uncomfortable asking for narcotics for pain relief he assured me I have nothing to worry about with him. He saw me when my finger joints were the size of golf balls, he saw me when a migraine was forcing me to huddle in a corner with tears streaming down my face. He knew the pain I felt and he believed I need relief from it.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t in shock a bit. I know how hard others have had to fight to get doctors to understand their pain. Not only did he put my mind to rest here, but he assured me that I was now his patient and I could come back any time I needed for primary care or when I can’t see my rheumatologist in time. So “Ha! Nanana bobo evil receptionist.” Ok, so that may be a step far, but seriously, all that worrying for nothing.

Second step of the day was seeing an eye doctor. The Planquenil has a chance of depositing chemicals in the back of the retina and even though its a very rare side effect, there is no way I want to add vision loss on top of everything else. After going to a total of 7 optical centers in the city and having issues at each one (no doctor in the specific day, no equipment for the test working, too busy etc) we decided to try one across the street just for the hell of it.

Small town luck strikes again and I was able to get in and out today. So far so good and best of all my new eye doctor has quite a bit of experience dealing with lupus and ankylosing spondylitis (another auto-immune disease that can effect the eyes) and was able to pass on a lot of information.

That’s two for two.

After getting home and realizing it was a little late to try getting out for a walk, at least with also having Little Dude go down for his nap, I had a lightbulb moment. Mr. Mango had booked off the day to deal with the toddler while I saw the doctors. I could go out CHILDLESS in the middle of a Wednesday!!!!

So it wasn’t the smartest idea…. All the warm weather this previous weekend had turned the giant mounds of snow into giant puddles of water. Today’s chill, while still very warm for this time of year turned all the puddles into long road shaped sheets of ice.


Still, I was bound and determined to take advantage of this very rare time. I half hobbled and half skated all the way to our post office and all the way back. Only slipping oh, half a million times.


So clearly I need some practice with the selfies, but hey, it was a little fun!

Now that I’m back home, warming up and medicating, I’m pretty sure I’ll be paying for how long I was out over the next couple days. Ice walking apparently uses those muscles and joints differently and now they’re angry.

Oh well. Lesson learned. All in all today went far better than I would have expected and I’m actually really relieved that today’s adventures ended up with some results.



3 thoughts on “Adventures of Doctor Day

    1. Thank you! We’re heading in to the mall tomorrow and Princess and I will be picking out new mother/daughter ‘pretties’ to replace it. Hope you have a great weekend, take care! xoxo

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