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Finishing up the cleanse

I posted earlier this month in My history with bacterial cleansing about how I had previously had success following a very strict diet for a while and gaining some health benefits from it and that I was currently repeating it for a similar duration to see if I could help now as well.

This Saturday concluded the “cleanse” phase. As in, the very strict portion of the diet is over with and now comes slowly adding in foods one at a time while still following the basic guidelines. Still no simple carbs or added sugars, still very light on fruits and still no yeast (while for someone who has been 99% wheat free for you’d think this was easy but you’d be surprised where yeast can find itself, not to mention I miss my red wine!).

Honestly with how bad I was feeling at the end of last week I didn’t even really feel like cooking more than some roasted vegetables with broth on the side, but by the time it was all said and done I was extremely happy I mustered up the energy.


It was wonderful. Anyone who frequents the grocery store (at least up here) knows how pricey things like fresh asparagus and wild salmon can be, but we were lucky both were on sale and after a week of rather bland repetitive foods. I can say it tasted like heaven.

Not only were we reveling in having made it past ‘the hard part’ of the diet but I also was celebrating a 2 year (730 day) anniversary to daily fitness and health. Mr. Mango had pointed out that he got a notification and that even though we can’t have a giant piece of cake, having two other of my favorite foods definitely was a must.

This weekend also featured a shredded cabbage stir fry using a new candida diet friendly sauce recipe I found on Pinterest. I was extremely skeptical of any stir fry sauce that claimed to be good and not have soya sauce in it but I was also extremely surprised. The whole family loved it, even the ever picky Princess. I guess sometimes it takes a little extra push to try out different recipes, especially when the usual go-to’s are pretty darn awesome.

Now that the week has started things are continuing on schedule adding in a new food every day (today was navy beans in a pesto chicken soup) and seeing the physical effects. Being able to add certain things back in also means a little easier to meet caloric goals so a little more energy which is much needed. Dealing with everlasting chores to do and 2 of the 3 little ones having the sniffles means that lupus or not Mommy has to be busy.

I can’t say it was easy, it really wasn’t but I do think that just like last time, in the long run it really will be worth it. At the very least  re-introducing foods will give me a much clearer image of what other things may or may not influence IBS and/or migraine symptoms to flare up. Even that would be great for future meal planning.

By the end of the next 4 weeks I hope to get through everything and back to “normal” eating habits while having a greater understanding of my digestive tract as well as back to normal flora inhabitants.


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