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March 4th to 6th

PP: Both hips, lower back, wrists, right knee, head tension, ribs, sensitive abdomen, finger tips, calves.

DPR: The end of the cleanse wasn’t easy, I think both Mr. Mango and I both spent 100% of the days thinking about food. Which I guess was a break from concentrating on pain or worrying about tests, diagnosis and doctors visits. It was a laid back weekend, but a long one with the kids off school on Friday. To put it simply they just aren’t getting along with each other and WOW does it make it difficult to stay calm and low stress. Pain was pretty manageable I’m glad to say, at least until yesterday afternoon. We took a trip up to Gimli for the Ice Festival so the kids could see the derby again. It was a beautiful day (at least for March up North here) and a warm enough that with a good pair of mits and socks I knew I could keep even my fingers and toes warm. One problem with such nice weather and spring slowly coming is slushy, melty slippery snow/ice. I took a pretty rough tumble that before I could think, put all my weight on my wrists and a horrible twist to my hips and right knee. It made for a rough evening but the kids had a great day and we were able to take lots of pictures, at the very least at least it was only ONE fall….


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